HL Deb 17 February 1905 vol 141 cc429-30

Abertillery Urban District Water Bill [H.L.]; Administrative County of London and District Electric Power Company Bill [H.L.]; Alexandra Park and Palace Bill [H.L.]; Bangor (County Down) Water and Improvement Bill [H.L.]; Blackpool Improvement Bill [H.L.]; Bristol Blind Asylum Bill [H.L.]; Clacton Improvement Bill [H.L.]; Clacton-on-Sea Commissioners Bill [H.L.]; East London and Lower Thames Electric Power Bill [H.L.]; Formby Township Bill [H.L.]; Hastings Harbour Bill [H.L.]; Humber Conservancy Bill [H.L.]; Hythe Corporation Bill [H.L.]; Littlehampton Urban District Council Bill [H.L.]; Llandrindod Wells Urban District Council Bill [H.L.]; London Squares and Enclosures (Preservation) Bill [H.L.]; Mansfield Corporation Bill [H.L.]; Matlock Bath Improvement Bill [H.L.]; Nine Mile Point Railway Bill [H.L.]; Nottingham Corporation Bill [H.L.]; Orphan Working School and Alexandra Orphanage Bill [H.L.]; Preston Corporation (Ribble Navigation) Bill [H.L.]; Sandgate Urban District Council Bill [H.L.]; Sheffield University Bill [H.L.]; Southport, Birkdale, and West Lancashire Water Board Bill [H.L.]; Stepney Borough Council (Superannuation) Bill [H.L.]; Tees Valley Water Board Bill [H.L.]; Torpoint Urban District Water Bill [H.L.]; Tralee Urban District Council Bill [H.L.]; University College, London (Transfer) Bill [H.L.]; Weaver Navigation Bill [H.L.]; Whitby Urban District Council [H.L.]; Read 1a.

Barry Railway Bill [H.L.]; Blackpool, St. Anne's, and Lytham Tramways Bill [H.L.]; Bridgewater Canals Bills [H.L.]; Cardiff Railway Bill [H.L.]; Charing Cross and Strand Electricity Supply Corporation Bill [H.L.]; City of London Electric Lighting Company Bill [H.L.]; Commercial Union Assurance Bill [H.L.]; Cordoba and Rosario Railway Bill [H.L.]; East Cowes Gas Bill [H.L.]; Entre Rios Railways Bill [H.L]; Gosport and Fareham Tramways Bill [H.L.]; Great Central Railway Bill [H.L.]; Great Central Railway (Pension Fund) Bill [H.L.]; Hastings Harbour District Railway (Abandonment) Bill [H.L.]; Hastings Tramways Bill [H.L.]; Hessle Gas Bill [H.L.]; Leeds and Liverpool Canal Bill [H.L.]; Metropolitan and Great Central Railway Companies Bill [H.L.]; Metropolitan District Railway Bill [H.L.]; Metropolitan Electric Supply Company (Acton District) Bill [H.L.]; Metropolitan Electric Supply Company (Various Powers) Bill [H.L.]; Metropolitan Railway Bill [H.L.]; Mexborough and Swinton Tramways (Extension of Time) Bill [H.L.]; Mortgage Insurance Corporation Bill [H.L.]; North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply Bill [H.L.]; Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Bill [H.L.]; Oldham and Saddleworth District Tramways Bill [H.L.]; Rhymney Railway Bill [H.L.]; South-Eastern and London, Chatham, and Dover Railways Bill [H.L.]; Southend and Colchester Light Railways Bill [H.L.]; South Lancashire Tramways Bill [H.L.]; Truro Water Bill [H.L.]; Tyneside Tramways and Tramroads Bill [H.L.]; West Cumberland Electric Tramways (Extension of Time) Bill [H.L.]; Western Valleys (Monmouthshire) Water and Gas Bill [H.L.]; Workington Harbour and Dock Bill [H.L.]. Read 1a; and referred to the Examiners.

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