HL Deb 14 February 1905 vol 141 cc46-7

I. Report of the Board of Education for the year 1903–1904. (September 13.)

II. Special Reports on Educational Subjects. Special reports on the educational systems of the chief Crown Colonies and Possessions of the British Empire, including reports on the training of Native races—

Vol. 12 (Part I.). West Indies and Central America, St. Helena, Cyprus, and Gibraltar.

Vol. 13 (Part II.). West Africa, Basutoland, Southern Rhodesia, East Africa Protectorate, Uganda, Mauritius, Seychelles.

Vol. 14 (Part III.). Federated Malay States, Hong Kong, Straits Settlements, Fiji, Falkland Islands. (February 6.)

III. Regulations relating to the Royal College of Science, the Royal College of Art, and to Museums under the Board of Education (from 1st August, 1904, to 31st July, 1905). (November 3.)

IV. Report for the year 1903, on the museums, colleges, and institutions under the administration of the Board. (November 15.)

V. List of Secondary Schools under the administration of the Board 1902–1903. (November 29.)

VI. Grants under Section 97, etc.—

Grants paid to school boards under Section 97, Elementary Education Act, 1870.

School board accounts.

List of loans. (December 22.)

VII. Reports from University Colleges, 1904. (January 18.)