HL Deb 19 July 1904 vol 138 cc385-6

Report from, That the Standing Orders not complied with in respect of the Saddleworth and Springhead Tramways Bill ought to be dispensed with, and the Bill allowed to proceed.

Read, and agreed to.

Rotherham Corporation Bill. The Lord BALFOUR informed the House that the opposition to the Bill was withdrawn; the orders made on Tuesday last and yesterday discharged, and Bill committed.

Clyde Navigation (Works) Bill. Report from the Select Committee, That the Committee had not proceeded with the consideration of the Bill, the opposition thereto having been withdrawn; read, and ordered to lie on the Table. The orders made on the 28th and 30th of June last discharged, and Bill committed.

London County Council (General Powers) Bill; Loch Leven Water Power Bill. Moved, That the order made on the 14th day of March last, That no Private Bill brought from the House of Commons shall he read a second time after the 16th day of June next," be dispensed with, and that the Bills be now read 2a; agreed to. Bills read 2a accordingly and committed. The Committees to be proposed by the Committee of Selection.

Lytham Improvement Bill. Read 3a, with the Amendments; further Amendments made; Bill passed, and returned to the Commons.

Caledonian Railway Order Confirmation Bill [H.L.]; Glasgow and South-Western Railway Order Confirmation Bill [H.L.]; Govan Corporation Order Confirmation Bill [H.L.]; Canal Rates and Charges (Regents Canal) Order Confirmation Bill [H.L]; Electric Lighting Provisional Orders (No. 5) Bill [H.L] Returned from the Commons agreed to.

Leith Corporation Tramways Order Confirmation Bill. Returned from the Commons with the Amendments agreed to.

Carlisle Corporation Bill; Leyton Urban District Council Bill; Selby Urban District Council Bill; London County Council (General Powers) Bill; Loch Leven Water Power Bill. Report from the Committee of Selection, That the Lord Vivian be proposed to the House as a member of the Select Committee on the said Bills in the place of the Marquess Camden; read, and agreed to.

London County Council (General Powers) Bill; Loch Leven Water Power Bill. Report from the Committee of Selection, That the Five Lords appointed a Select Committee on the Carlisle Corporation Bill and other Bills do form the Select Committee for the consideration of the London County Council (General Powers) Bill and the Loch Leven Water Power Bill; read, and agreed to. All petitions referred to the Committee, with leave to the petitioners praying to be heard by counsel against the Bills to be heard as desired, as also counsel for the Bills.

Glasgow Corporation (Tramways, etc.) Order Confirmation Bill [H.L.]. Read 3a (according to order). Amendments made; Bill passed, and sent to the Commons.

Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (No. 1) Bill; Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (No. 3) Bill. Amendments reported (according to order), and Bills to be read 3a on Thursday next.

Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (No. 2) Bill; Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (No. 4) Bill; Local Government Provisional Order (No. 4) Bill. Read 3a (according to order), and passed.

Electric Lighting Provisional Orders (No. 8) Bill. Brought from the Commons; Read 1a; to be printed; and referred to the Examiners. (No. 153.)