HL Deb 08 July 1904 vol 137 cc1049-50

The LORD CHANCELLOR acquainted the House, That the Clerk of the Parliaments had laid upon the Table the Certificates from the Examiners that the further Standing Orders applicable to the following Bills have been complied with:— Rotherham Corporation; Selby Urban District Council.

"The same were ordered to lie on the Table.

Strabane, Raphoe, and Convoy Railway Bill. A witness ordered to attend the Select Committee.

Lytham Improvement Bill, Reported, with Amendments.

Ulster Electric Power Bill [H.L.]. The Lord BALFOUR informed the House 8 that the Promoters do not intend to proceed further with the Bill. The order of the 21st of April last discharged. Ordered, That the Bill be not further proceeded with.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway (Steam Vessels) Bill; Barnet District Gas and Water Bill. Leave given to the Select Committee to adjourn over Monday next.

North Western Electricity and Power e Gas Bill. Read 3a, with the Amendments, and passed, and returned to the Commons.

Southport and Lytham Tramroad (Extension of Time) Bill [H.L.]. Returned from the Commons agreed to, "with Amendments.

Clyde Valley Electrical Power Bill [H L.]. Returned from the Commons agreed to, with Amendments. The said Amendments considered, and agreed to.

Birkdale Improvement Bill; Crystal Palace District Gas Bill. Returned from the Commons with the Amendments agreed to.

Strabane, Raphoe, and Convoy Railway Bill. Message to the Commons for the Right Honourable George Wyndham, Chief Secretary for Ireland (a Member), to be examined as a witness before the Select Committee of this House.

Hamilton Gas Order Confirmation Bill [H.L.]. Committed to a Committee of the Whole House on Tuesday next.

Tramways Orders Confirmation (No. 1) Bill [H.L.]; Water Orders Confirmation Bill [H.L.]. Amendments reported (according to order), and Bills to be read 3a on Monday next.

Gas Orders Confirmation (No. 1) Bill [H.L.]; Gas and Water Orders Confirmation Bill [H.L.]; Electric Lighting Provisional Orders (No. 4) Bill [H.L.]. Read 3a (according to order), and passed, and sent to the Commons.

Education Board Provisional Order (Cardiff) Bill. House in Committee (according to order); Bill reported without Amendment. Standing Committee negatived; and Bill to be read 3a on Monday next.

Leith Corporation Tramways Order Confirmation Bill. Brought from the Commons and read 1a; to be printed; and (pursuant to the Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act, 1899), deemed to have been read 2a (The Lord Kintore (E. Kintore), and reported from the Committee. (No. 137.)

Drainage and Improvement of Lands (Ireland) Provisional Order Bill. Moved, That the order made on the 14th day of March last, "That no Provisional Order Confirmation Bill brought from the House of Commons shall be read a second time after the 16th day of June next," be dispensed with, and that the Bill be now read 2a"; agreed to; Bill read 2a accordingly and committed to a Committee of the Whole House on Tuesday next.