HL Deb 05 August 1903 vol 126 c1569

Hainault Forest Bill; Read 3a, with the Amendments, and passed, and returned to the Commons.

Glasgow Corporation (Police) Order Confirmation Bill [H.L.]; returned from the Commons agreed to.

Somerset and District Electric Power Bill [H.L.]; Birmingham District Tramways Bill [H.L.]; Returned from the Commons agreed to, with Amendments. The said Amendments considered, and agreed to.

Baker Street and Waterloo Railway (Extension of Time) Bill; Beckenham Urban District Council Bill: London County Council (Money) Bill; London County Council (Tramways and Improvements) Bill; Mullingar, Bells, and Drogheda Railway Bill; Returned from the Commons, with the Amendments agreed to.

Wood Green Urban District Council Bill; Returned from the Commons with several of the Amendments agreed to, and one disagreed to, with reasons for such disagreement.

Fife Electric Power Bill [H.L.]; Returned from the Commons with the Amendment to which the Lords have disagreed, not insisted on.