HL Deb 10 March 1902 vol 104 cc839-40

Ordered, That on and after the first day of April next the fees charged at this House be collected by means of stamps.

That the Clerk of the Parliaments do communicate with the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury as to, the provision of stamps, and any other steps necessary for carrying this Order into effect.

Then it was moved to resolve that the following new Standing Order be made, viz.:—

Ordered, That in lieu of the fees heretofore charged, the fees contained in the Schedule hereto be taken in this House by stamps on the documents specified in the said Schedule, except in the case of parties petitioning for leave to sue in formâ pauperis, and that, except in such cases, none of the said documents be issued from or received at the Parliament Office, unless it shall have been duly stamped.

£ s. d
On Order of Service 1 0 0
On Recognizance 1 10 0
On Petition not referred to Appeal Committee 1 10 0
On Joint Petition, from each party thereto 0 15 0
On On Petition referred to Appeal Committee (including report thereon) 3 0 0
On Cases lodged, including laying case on the Table, Bar fee, and Counsel attending *12 0 0
On Motion Paper to set down for hearing, including entering Appeal on Cause List 2 0 0
On Judgment 3 0 0

(NOTE.—The stamps are on sale at the, Fees Office, House of Lords.)

*£8 10s. of this amount, representing the, Bar fee and the fee for Counsel attending at the hearing, will be repaid to the parties or their agents in cases in which the appeal, after being set down for hearing, is withdrawn before being heard at the Bar. A similar course will, be adopted with regard to any other overcharge.

—(The Lord Chancellor); agreed to; the said Order to lie added to those now applicable to appeals in this House, to be numbered. XI., and to be printed. [No. 28.]