HL Deb 17 May 1900 vol 83 cc380-1

The Return for which I have given notice to move is an agreed one, and I hope the House will have no objection to giving the order for it to be prepared. Returns of a similar kind have already been granted by Parliament to the Royal Commission on Local Taxation in the case of the English and Scottish authorities, and we now ask for a Return with regard to Ireland.

Moved, For a Return showing, with respect to each rural and urban district, union, county, and county borough in Ireland, the rateable valuation of (1) lands; (2) buildings; (3) railways; (4) all other kinds of rateable property; and (5) Government property exempt from rating, according to the valuation lists issued on I 1st March, 1900, for rating purposes for the following twelve months.

For the purpose of this return:—(1) "land" includes all land the valuation of which is entered in the land column of the valuation lists; (2) "buildings" include all houses, shops, warehouses, mills, factories, and other structures valued as buildings in the valuation lists, except railway buildings included in "(3)"; (3) "railways" include station-houses, depots, signal cabins, and other railway buildings; (4) "all other kinds of rateable property" include quarries, mines, gasworks, waterworks, canals, and all other property which is valued on profits, except railways; also half rents of exempted property; (5) "Government property": this includes all property in occupation of the Crown on which bounty in lieu of rates is paid.—(Lord Balfour of Burleigh.)


The Irish Government have no objection to the Return being granted.

On Question, Motion agreed to.

Return ordered to be laid before the House.