HL Deb 12 July 1900 vol 85 c1299

House in Committee (according to Order).


explained that, in order to carry out the statement he made on the Second Reading of the Bill, he had drafted and now proposed certain Amendments to Clause 2. That clause was not intended to interfere with any sports; and to make the matter quite clear, he moved Amendments which would result in Clause 2 reading as follows:— Any person shall be guilty of an offence who, whilst an animal is kept in close confinement, or is maimed, pinioned, or subjected to any appliance or contrivance for the purpose of hindering or preventing its escape from such confinement, shall by wantonly or unreasonably doing or omitting any act, —cause or permit to be caused any unnecessary suffering to such animal; or shall cruelly abuse, infuriate, tease, or terrify it, or permit it to be so treated.

The Amendments were agreed to.

Bill recommitted to the Standing Committee, and to be printed, as amended. [No. 182.]