HL Deb 06 December 1900 vol 88 cc63-4

I. Treasury Minutes declaring that professional or other peculiar qualifications, not ordinarily to be acquired in the public service, are required for the due and efficient discharge of the duties of—

  1. 1. Assistant Inspector of Railways, Board of Trade.
  2. 2. Medical Inspector to the Local Government Board for Scotland.
  3. 3. Legal Adviser to the Local Government Board for Ireland.
  4. 4. Junior Inspector, Scotch Education Department.

II. Treasury Minutes declaring that the following persons were appointed without a civil service certificate through inadvertence on the part of the heads of their departments, namely: —

  1. 1. Edmund Sterriker, rural postman, Malton Post Office (15th August, 1900).
  2. 64
  3. 2. Mrs. Eliza Thomas, postmistress, Kidwelly Post Office (14th September, 1900).
  4. 3. Robert Black, rural postman, Newton Stewart Post Office (3rd October, 1900).
  5. 4. John Hales, postman, Stanmore Post Office (27th October, 1900).
  6. 5. Thomas Spittle, turner, Royal Gun Factory, War Office (14th November, 1900).
  7. 6. Charles Dennis, artificer, Royal Small Arms Factory, War Office (21st November, 1900).