HL Deb 22 July 1897 vol 51 cc700-1

(iv.) If the owner of the copyright in a book to the abridgment whereof the author's consent is not required under the preceding proviso intends to publish an abridgment thereof made by some person other than the author of the original book, he shall give notice of such intention to the author, if living, by registered letter, directed to his last known address, and shall, if so required by such author, either state or cause to be stated on the title page of each part or volume of the abridgment that the abridgment is not by the author of the original book, or shall in like manner state or cause to be stated the mine of the maker of the abridgment. (v.) The author of a book shall be entitled to restrain and obtain damages for any abridgment published in contravention of the above provisions of the section.

In Sub-section (iv.), leave out from "copyright" to "preceding proviso," both inclusive, and insert "exclusive right of publication of a book."

Clause 8,—


In the case of a hook which is a work of fiction in prose or in verse, it shall he an infringement of the copyright therein if any person shall, without the consent of the owner of the copyright, take or colourably imitate the title of such book, or take from such book any material or substantial part thereof and use or convert it into or adapt it for a dramatic work, or knowing or having reasonable grounds to suspect such dramatic work to have been so made shall perform or permit or cause the same to be performed. In both places where "book" occurs, leave out "book," and insert "work."


moved "That the Debate be adjourned until To-morrow."

Motion agreed to.