HL Deb 22 July 1897 vol 51 c700

(i.) It shall be an infringement of the copyright in a book if any person shall, without the consent of the owner of the copyright, print or otherwise multiply, or cause to be printed or otherwise multiplied, any abridgment of such book, or shall export or import any abridgment so unlawfully produced, or shall sell, publish, or expose for sale or hire, or cause to be sold, published, or exposed for sale or hire, any abridgment, knowing or having reasonable grounds to suspect that the same has been so unlawfully produced or imported.


(ii.) Where the author of a book has sold the copyright thereof in consideration (whether wholly or in part) of a royalty or a share of the profits to be derived from the publication thereof, or is otherwise notwithstandig such sale possessed of a pecuniary interest therein, such book shall not, during the continuance of the copyright therein, and so long as the author shall be entitled to such royalty, share of profits, or shall be so interested as aforesaid, be abridged by the purchaser of such copyright without the consent in writing of the author or his assigns. (iii.) Where the author has sold the exclusive right of publication of a book, without assigning the copyright, he shall not be at liberty to publish an abridgment of the work without the consent of the owner of the exclusive right of publication.