HL Deb 03 August 1897 vol 52 cc191-2

The keeper of a common lodging-house shall, when a person in such house is ill of any infectious disease, give immediate notice thereof cither to the medical officer or to the inspector of common lodging-houses, who shall forthwith inform the medical officer, and if he is satisfied that the person is suffering from an infectious disease, he shall cause the patient to be removed without delay, and shall cause the premises to be disinfected.

Provided always, that if the medical officer considers the patient not fit to be removed with safety, until it is certified by him that the premises are free from infection, the house shall not be used as a common lodging-house, except such part thereof as may be certified by the medical officer to be free from infection, and the local authority may make provision for the temporary shelter or house accommodation, and, if necessary, maintenance at a rate not exceeding the same payment per night as usually paid by such persons frequenting said lodging-house while such persons are prevented from returning to such common lodging-house.

Amendment made: Leave out "such" ["such persons"].—(Lord Balfour.)

Clause 107,—