HL Deb 18 May 1896 vol 40 cc1533-4

The House went into Committee on this Bill.

[The EARL OF MORLEY in the Chair.]


asked his noble Friend representing the Home Office, whether he would consent to postpone the consideration of the Amendments until the stage of Standing Committee was taken? Some modification of clauses in Part II. might, in the meantime, be made, so that some portion of the Measure might be saved.


said that he had, on the Second Reading, stated the objections of the Home Office as to Part II. of the Bill, and in accordance with those objections Amendments had been drafted. It had been considered whether or not it was possible to modify the objections to the clauses in the second part of the Bill. He could assure the noble Earl that the Home Secretary would wish to give every consideration to any proposals in the direction of modification which his noble Friend might be able to suggest. If the noble Earl put himself in communication with the Home Office, he had no doubt the Home Secretary would do his best to see whether the necessity could be avoided of rejecting the second part of the Measure. It must, however, be understood that when the Bill came before the Standing Committee, and no suggestions were brought forward which could be accepted, he would have to move the Amendment rejecting the second part of the Bill.

Bill reported without Amendment; and re-committed to the Standing Committee.