HL Deb 18 May 1849 vol 105 cc634-5

presented to their Lordships the second report of the Select Committee on the digest of the Bankrupt Laws. He reminded their Lordships that, when that Committee was reappointed, it was with a view of enabling certain petitioners from Manchester and Liverpool, who had not been examined before the Committee last year, to point out any objections which they had to his Bill (the Bankrupt Law Consolidation Bill), and to offer any suggestions which they might have for its improvement. They had presented a memorial signed by 197 of the first firms in Manchester, praying to be allowed to suggest certain modifications in the Bill; but when they came to be examined, the parties found that all their modifications had been anticipated. They now expressed their delight and great satisfaction at having been so anticipated. Those 197 firms now prayed their Lordships that no alteration whatever might be made in the Bill, even according to their own suggestions, if the discussion upon them should cause any risk of throwing out so wholesome and salutary a measure. He told them frankly that no delay should they have upon his part. He did not complain of the delay which had already taken place; for it had produced much good, by producing entire satisfaction with the Bill, not only in London, hut also in the provinces. That being the case, he now begged leave to report the evidence, and to move that the Bill, as amended by the Committee, be printed. On Monday next he would move that it he committed.