HL Deb 01 May 1849 vol 104 c1030

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Poor Laws (Ireland) Rate in Aid.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Bishop of Exeter, from Torrington, and other Places, that Article 11, Sect. 5, Cap. 2, may be Expunged from the Criminal Law Consolidation Bill.—By Lord Monteagle, from Leitrim, for an Alteration of the Poor Law (Ireland); also that the Landed Property of Ireland may be relieved from the Repayment of any Portion of the Money advanced for Public Works.—By Lord Redesdale, from Moneymore and Muff, against the Rate in Aid (Ireland) Bill.—By the Bishop of Llandaff, from Colebrooke, and other Places, for the Suppression of Seduction and Prostitution.—By the Earl of Warwick, from Northampton, and other Places, against the Navigation Bill.—By the Bishop of Waterford, from Waterford, for an Efficient and Comprehensive Health of Towns Bill (Ireland); also for the Establishment of an accurate Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Ireland.—By the Bishop of Gloucester, from Wiltshire, against any Alteration of the Law of Marriage.—From Yealmpton and Tristow, that the Educational Grant may hereafter be Dispensed according to certain Conditions.