HL Deb 03 August 1831 vol 5 cc643-4

The Bishop of London presented a Petition from fifty Clergymen of the counties of Chester and Lancashire, praying for an alteration in the Beer Bill. It had been said, that the clergy had not come forward with any petition against this measure, and it had thence been inferred, that it had not been productive of the bad consequences which some had represented as resulting from it. He himself personally knew the petitioners, and could speak to their respectability; and they stated, that the Beer Act had been attended with very bad consequences in the parishes with which they were connected; that it had encouraged vice and immorality; and particularly, that it had led, in a great degree, to a disregard of the Christian Sabbath, and had taught even children to become drunkards. He had heard, from all quarters, complaints of its bad effects; and he was assured, that unless it were materially altered, the consequences would be of the most alarming description. He had received letters from clergymen, declaring that they could not find language to describe the lamentable results of this measure.

Petition laid on the Table.

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