HL Deb 21 May 1805 vol 5 cc35-6

The order of the day being moved, for their lordships going into a committee, upon the motions alledged in charge against the above judicial character;

Lord Hawkcsbury

observed, that he thought the most proper and regular course of proceeding in the case, as it had stood before their lordships, was, that an address should be moved to his majesty on the occasion, embodying in such motion or address, a statement of the facts upon which the charge, giving rise to the address, was founded; and then to refers the consideration of the whole to a committee of the house, for the purpose of affording a regular opportunity of proving at the bar, the allegations stated in the address. This line of proceeding would, he thought, best square with the act of settlement; and, upon this ground, he should beg leave to suggest to his noble friend, the propriety of moving such an address, in which should be embodied, for the purpose he had mentioned, the important, facts of the case.

The Marquis of Abercorn

expressed his willingness to accede to the proposition of the noble secretary, did such appear to be the sense of their lordships, as the most proper; for, it was his wish never again to be reproached with urging the adoption of any particular mode of proceeding, in preference to another. Under this impression, he should therefore readily undertake to move an address as suggested; but he should content himself with simply moving the address, and not offer a word in the way of comment upon it. From the moment, he judged it important to come forward as he had done, in a case involving the rights and privileges of his fellow subjects, end saw the matter placed in a train of investigation. He had carefully, as their lordships must recollect, abstained from any observations in that house, which might go to affect the individual, or bias their lordships' judgment on the case. On these grounds, he repeated he should content himself with simply moving the address.—On the motion of lord Auckland, the order for their lordships going into the committee was discharged.—Adjourned.