HC Deb 14 April 1921 vol 140 cc1274-5

asked the Chief Secretary what number of houses are estimated to be required by the local authorities in the area of Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, respectively; what is the amount of the loans applied for for housing under the Housing Act, 1919, in these two areas; what amount has been advanced; and what amount is still awaiting the urban councils' assent to the statutory conditions as to audit?


The number of houses estimated to be required in the Ulster area is 11,233; and in the remainder of Ireland, 41,800. In the area of Northern Ireland £2,250,065 has been applied for and of this £705,765 has already been Sanctioned, and the remainder can be sanctioned when required. In Southern Ireland the amount of the loans applied for, up to date, is £2,180,223. Of this, £58,086 has been sanctioned, and the amount held over awaiting the assent of the urban councils to audit is £2,119,859.


Am I to understand that houses to the value of £2,000,000 will be erected, and that employment to that extent will be given?


At any rate, the Local Government Board will be quite willing to advance the sums required for the erection of these houses.