HC Deb 14 April 1921 vol 140 cc1275-6

asked the Prime Minister whether the tribunal which inquired into the death of ex-Mayor O'Callaghan included a member with legal knowledge and experience; and whether in all similar inquiries such a member will be included?

The PRIME MINISTER (Mr. Lloyd George)

The answer to the first part of the question is in the affirmative. Every court trying capital offences has at least one member certified to be a person of legal knowledge and experience, but it is not possible to have such a member on every Court of Inquiry.

Major WOOD

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that this particular Court of Inquiry did not try a man for his life? It was a Court of Inquiry, and my question is directed to Courts of Inquiry and not to courts-martial.


I think the hon. and gallant Member has not quite understood my answer. There was a legal member of this Court.

Major WOOD

Will there be a legal member on all such inquiries?


No, we cannot possibly provide a legal member for every Court of Inquiry; but on this particular Court of Inquiry there was a legal member.

Major WOOD

On every Court of Inquiry which inquires into the death of a soldier of the Crown forces?


(by Private Notice) asked why the inquiry into the death of Christopher Reynolds has been suspended; when it will be resumed; and whether the proceedings will take place in an open Court?


The inquiry is at present adjourned, owing to the fact that several of the witnesses are also witnesses in another case which is now proceeding, but it will be re-opened at the earliest possible date. Subject to the power of the Court to sit in camera for the protection of witnesses, the answer to the last part of the question is in the affirmative.

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