HC Deb 04 April 1921 vol 140 cc16-7
22. Mr. KILEY

asked the Chief Secretary whether he can state the number of local authorities outside Ulster which do and do not, respectively, recognise the Irish Local Government Board?


As the answer involves a good deal of detail, perhaps my hon. Friend would allow me to circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

The following is the answer referred to:

The Local Government Board, which is the medium through which Government grants are distributed to local authorities in Ireland, is charged by State with the duty of auditing the books of these authorities, in order to ensure that the grants have been expended on the objects for which they were voted by Parliament. In the following table, which I have prepared for the information of the hon. Member, only those authorities that have maintained their normal relations with the Local Government Board and which continue to submit their books to audit are included under the heading "Local bodies that recognise the Local Government Board." These bodies alone continue to receive Government grants. The remaining local authorities, by refusing to submit to this audit in the manner prescribed by Statute, have deliberately deprived the ratepayers whom they represent of the advantages of these grants.

Local bodies that recognise the Local Government Board:

Ulster. Rest of Ireland.
Counties 6 0
County Boroughs 2 0
Urban Districts 32 32
Unions 31 4
Rural Districts 37 5
Town Commissions 3 2

Local bodies that do not recognise the Local Government Board:

Ulster. Rest of Ireland.
Counties 3 24
County Boroughs 0 4
Urban Districts 5 28
Unions 10 105
Rural Districts 12 125
Town Commissions 0 3

Local bodies whose attitude is doubtful:

Ulster. Rest of Ireland.
Counties 0 0
County Boroughs 0 0
Urban Districts 3 4
Unions 1 3
Rural Districts 6 16
Town Commissions 3 17

Counties 33
County Boroughs 6
Urban Districts 94
Unions 154
Rural Districts 201
Town Commissions 28
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