HC Deb 09 November 1920 vol 134 cc1005-6

asked the Minister of Health if he is aware that the London County Council is allowing, contrary to their own bye-laws, the erection at the end of Kingsway of a skyscraper several floors higher than they have allowed other buildings to be built; if he has powers to prevent the erection of such a building, which will be an eyesore and darken part of Kingsway, and, having its foundations on clay, may be dangerous; and if he will do what he can to prevent that part of London being so disfigured?

The MINISTER of HEALTH (Dr. Addison)

By Section 47 and 48 of the London Building Act, 1894, the London County Council are empowered to consent to the erection of a building of any height, but if they consent to a greater height than 80 ft. (exclusive of two storeys in the roof and ornamental architectural features) notices have to be given to persons interested, and owners and lessees within 100 yards may appeal to the Tribunal of Appeal. I have no authority to intervene.


Is it not the fact that an appeal means considerable expense on the part of the neighbours of these buildings, and that it is the general interest to keep them down?


I think so, bat an Act of Parliament has set up that procedure, and I have no authority to alter it.

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