HC Deb 08 December 1920 vol 135 cc2096-7
39. Colonel NEWMAN

asked the Minister of Labour whether, having regard to the admitted need of economy in his as well as other Government Departments, and to the fact that the Committee of Inquiry have reported that employment exchanges have failed to displace other methods of getting employérs in touch with employés, and are not generally popular, he will cease the building of further exchanges until the House has had the opportunity of considering and debating the Report of the Committee referred to.


No building work is at present being undertaken in connection with employment exchanges, except the provision of temporary hutments and certain adaptations of existing premises, and even this work has been cut down to the lowest possible point. The question of the provision of suitable buildings will be one of those which will be carefully considered in connection with the Report of the Committee of Inquiry. I would point out to my hon. and gallant Friend that the Committee find that in very many cases the premises now used for employment exchange work are unsuitable, and record their emphatic opinion that ths use of unsuitable buildings for employment exchanges is not an economy.

Colonel NEWMAN

May I have an answer to the last part of the question as to whether we shall have an opportunity to consider and debate the Report before anything is resolved on?


I should be very glad if an opportunity were afforded, and much obliged to the hon. and gallant Gentleman if he puts down that question again.


Can the right hon. Gentleman tell us why employment exchanges always require to take sites in the most expensive places, such as in Princes Street, Edinburgh?

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