HC Deb 08 December 1920 vol 135 cc2370-1

(1) The council of a county or a Metro politan borough or the common council of tho City of London may subject to the approval of the Minister appropriate for any purpose for which they may be authorised to acquire land any land acquired by the council for some other purpose and not required for that purpose:

Provided that nothing in this Section shall apply to the appropriation of any land for educational purposes or to the appropriations of land acquired for educational purposes for any other purposes or effect the operation of any enactment relating to any such appropriation:

Provided also that the appropriation of the land under this Section by a Metropolitan borough council shall be subject to the approval of the London County Council in addition to that of the Minister if the consent of that council was necessary to the raising of a loan by the Metropolitan borough council for the purchase of the land.

(2) Section ninety-five of the Public Health Acts Amendment Act 1907 which makes provision with respect to the purchase and appropriation of land by certain local authorities) shall extend and apply to every district in England and Wales to which it has not been applied by and Order made under Section three of that Act as if had been so applied.

Amendments made: In Sub-section (1) after the word "Minister" ["approval of the Minister"] insert the words "and subject to the like restrictions as are contained in Section ninety-five of the Public Health Acts (Amendment) Act, 1907, in respect of the appropriation of land by local authorities under that Section."

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