HC Deb 08 December 1920 vol 135 c2370

A local authority within the meaning of Part III. of the Housing of the Working Classes Act 1890 may subject to the approval of the Minister contribute to the expenses of any local savings committee established for their area or any part thereof.


I beg to move at the end of the Clause to insert the words "Provided that the contribution shall in no case exceed a farthing rate in total."

There should be some limit in regard to these contributions which may be made by the local authority.


I beg to second the Amendment.

6.0 A.M.


I cannot accept this Amendment. It would mean that the farthing rate would become the minimum rate just as is the case with the library rate. As a matter of fact I do not expect the rate to be more than one-twentieth of a penny in most cases.

Amendment negatived.