HC Deb 03 December 1920 vol 135 cc1607-9

For the protection of the Corporation of the City of Glasgow (hereinafter referred to as "the Corporation" and "the City," respectively) the following provisions shall, notwithstanding anything in this Order contained, apply and have effect (that is to say):—

  1. (1) Subject to the provisions hereinafter in this Section contained, the company shall not, under the powers conferred on them by this Order, without the consent of the Corporation, which consent the Corporation may give subject 1608 to such terms and conditions as they think fit, run omnibuses for the conveyance of passengers along any route on which any of the tramways now owned or worked or run over by the Corporation are situated, or on which the Corporation are now authorised to construct tramways in competition with any such tramways;
  2. (2) Subject to the provisions of the provisoes to the Section of this Order of which the marginal note is "Further powers to run omnibuses," the company may run omnibuses for the conveyance of passengers between any point in the County of Lanark out-with the boundary of the City other than a point on any tramway of the Corporation to such points in the City as may be approved by the Corporation, provided that the company shall not establish a regular daily service of omnibuses to or from any such point in the City;
  3. (3) The Corporation may specify in writing the routes within the City to be taken by any omnibus of the company run in pursuance of Sub-section (2) of this Section and only the routes so specified shall be taken;
  4. (4) The company shall charge every passenger travelling on any omnibus of the company run in pursuance of Subsection (2) of this Section, the full fare for the whole journey of such omnibus, and shall not take up or set down passengers at any point except at the point of arrival or departure of such omnibus;
  5. (5) Nothing in this Section contained shall supersede, prejudice, or affect the provisions of the Section of this Order of which the marginal note is "Conditions as to running of motor omnibuses."—[Mr. C.D. Murray.]

Brought up, and read the First time.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Clause be read a Second time." —[Mr. C. D. Murray.]

The CHAIRMAN of WAYS and MEANS (Mr. Whitley)

I think it right that I should say a few words on this Motion for the Second Reading of this new Clause and the other Clause on the Notice Paper. They have been agreed to between the promoters of this Order and certain petitioners. Had that not been so, I should have felt it my duty to take objection, and, similarly, I should have taken objection to the Motion to refer the matter to a joint Committee of the two Houses. I say that because I think it my duty to strengthen the hands of the Commissioners who conduct the inquiries into this matter. I hold very strongly that it is the duty of petitioners to bring their case before the tribunal in Scotland, and that this House ought not to consider any revision of the decisions of those Commissioners if the petitioners have failed to put their case before the Commissioners sitting in Scotland, and in no case to allow a review of those decisions unless some wholly new facts have arisen. I think it is necessary to say that in order to maintain the dignity and power of the Commissioners, and I am certain this House will not lightly allow any revision of their decisions or any opening of questions which might have been heard before such Commissioners.

Question put, and agreed to.

Clause read a Second time, and added to the Bill.