We have a basic REST API. You can get information available here in different formats by changing the file extension on URLs.

Sitting days

The default HTML rendering of a page: https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/sittings/2002/apr/16

OPML output for that page: https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/sittings/2002/apr/16.opml

JSON output for that page: https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/sittings/2002/apr/16.js


Add .js to a constituency URL to get JSON output.


Add .js to a person URL to get JSON output.


The default HTML list of members of each House on a given day: https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/all-members/2002/apr/16

JSON output for that page: https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/all-members/2002/apr/16.js