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The Government has no plans to prorogue parliament and remains committed to delivering an orderly exit from the EU in line with its pledge to deliver on the outcome of the referendum.
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The Government remains committed to delivering on the outcome of the referendum and leaving the EU in line with its pledge to deliver on the outcome of the referendum. We will continue to work towards that end in a way that is compatible with our constitutional principles, including giving Parliament its say. As the Prime Minister has set out, there will be further votes to ensure that Parliament's voice is heard.As it is the responsibility of this Government to deliver the exit that people voted for, and as Parliament is clear that it does not wish to deliver a ‘no deal’, we must secure a deal.It is a priority of the Government to make sure businesses and citizens are ready for Brexit, including no deal. This includes consulting closely with stakeholders to develop no deal contingency plans and minimise disruption. We have engaged with businesses and other sectors to understand their needs and to make sure we are prepared to address the effects of no deal.Cabinet Office.
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