HC Deb 16 September 2004 vol 424 cc1714-5WS
Mrs. Dunwoody

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will list the outstanding UK deep sea container terminal development applications(a) which have been referred to his Department prior to formal planning applications being submitted in the form of HRO, HEO, TWAO or a standard planning application, (b) which have been subject to a scoping study and are awaiting or in the process of a public inquiry and (c) for which he has received the inspector's report following a public inquiry; and in each case when he (i) received the report and (ii) expects to announce his decision. [189097]

Mr. Jamieson

There are three outstanding applications for deep sea container terminal developments requiring approval by the Secretary of State. The positions on each are as followsThe inspector's report into P&O's application for a Harbour Empowerment Order to construct a port at Shellhaven (London Gateway) was received in the Department on 26 February 2004. A decision will be announced when Ministers have completed their consideration of the report and all relevant issues. The application by Hutchison Ports to construct a port at Bathside Bay is currently at a public inquiry which I understand is due to close this week. The application by Hutchison Ports for a further container terminal at Felixstowe South is due to be considered at a public inquiry starting on 26 October.

Mrs. Dunwoody

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport whether he expects the proposals for major container port developments at Hunterston and Scapa Flow to be taken through the decision process by the autumn 2005 deadline set out in paragraph 7.28 of the Government's White Paper entitled the Future of Transport: A network for 2030. [189098]

Mr. Jamieson

The timing of these decisions is a matter for the Scottish Executive, to whom the applications for approval would be made.

Mrs. Dunwoody

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what his Department's interpretation is of the alternative test required by the Habitats Directive when assessing environmental damage that may be created by a deep sea container terminal development proposal. [189105]

Transport Policies and Programme/

Local Transport Plan Capital Funding

Rural Bus Subsidy


Rural Bus Challenge Countryside Agency Strategic Rail Authority
1996–97 3.340 0 0 0 0
1997–98 2.212 0 0 0 0
1998–99 1.127 0.073 0.180 0 0
1999–2000 1.983 0.073 0 0 0
2000–01 2.262 0.073 0.236 0 0
2001–02 5.995 0.093 0 0 0
2002–03 6.155 0.107 0 0.007 0
2003–04 7.881 0.109 0 0.044 0
2004–05 6.302 0.123 0 0.041 1.600
Total 37.257 0.651 0.416 0.092 1.600
1. The Transport Policies and Programme/Local Transport Plan Capital Funding covers all aspects of transport (e.g. maintenance, road safety and public transport). There is no specific allocation within these figures for public transport; it is for the local authority to set priorities and allocate funds accordingly from its Single Capital Pot budget.
2. The Rural Bus Subsidy Grant, Rural Bus Challenge, Countryside Agency and Strategic Rail Authority monies are all allocated solely to public transport.
3. In addition, the local authority receives Revenue Support Grant (RSG) from the Government each year. This is a block allocation for all council services, which includes support for public transport. However, it is not possible to identify any specific allocations for public transport from within the RSG allocation.

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