HC Deb 27 November 2003 vol 415 cc11-2WS
The Paymaster General (Dawn Primarolo)

Subject to Parliamentary approval of the necessary Supplementary Estimate, the Inland Revenue Departmental Expenditure Limit will be increased by £147,821,000 from £3,079,864,000 to £3,227,685,000 and the administration costs limit will be increased by £102,094,000 from £2,932,555,000 to £3,034,649,000. Within the DEL change, the impact on resources and capital are as set out in the following table:

Change Voted Non-voted Total
Resource 103,250 2,669,864 350,440 3.020,304
Capital 44.571 182,381 25,000 207,381
Depreciation* -2,097 -158,564 - -158,564
Total 145,724 2,693,681 375,440 3,069,121

* Depreciation which forms part of resource DEL, is excluded from the total DEL since capital DEL includes capital spending and to include depreciation of those assets would lead to double counting.

The change in the resource element of the DEL arises from the draw down of £103,246,000 administration costs EYF; draw down of £36,000 allocated funds from the Evidence Based Policy Fund and a net reduction in the forecast asset figure of £32,000.

The change in the capital element of the DEL arises from the draw down of capital EYF and other resources EYF, totalling £44,031,000 as set out in the Public expenditure Outturn White Paper (CMS884), and an increase of £540,000 to VOA costs for the book value of assets sold.