HC Deb 27 November 2003 vol 415 cc10-1WS
The Financial Secretary to the Treasury (Ruth Kelly)

Subject to Parliamentary approval of any necessary Supplementary Estimate, HM Treasury DEL will be decreased by £3,576,000 from £212,025,000 to £208,449,000 and the administration costs limits will be increased by £2,525,000 from £137,063,000 to £139,588,000. Within the DEL change, the impact on resources and capital are as set out in the following table:

Change Voted Non-voted Total
Resource -3,576,000 178,732,000 31,104,000 209.836,000
Capital 0 7,668,000 0 7,668,000
Depreciation* 0 -9,055,000 0 -9,055,000
Total -3,576,000 177,345,000 31,104,000 208,449,000

* Depreciation, which forms part of resource DEL, is excluded from the total DEL since capital DEL includes capital spending and to include depreciation of those assets would lead to double counting.

The change in the resource element of the DEL arises from: an increase in total Treasury administrative costs of £2,525,000 resulting from: a partial draw down of eyf of £3,700,000 for the central Treasury, this increases voted central Treasury administration spend to the planned level published in the 2002–03 Departmental Report; a partial draw down of eyf of £1,500,000 for DMO; a transfer of £18,000 to the Cabinet Office for the transfer of the honours and dignities function; an increase in AinA of £1,000,000 from secondments with matching spend; a switch of £2,600,000 from OGC administration costs to OGC programme spend; a transfer of £58,000 from OGC to ODPM, for the Ordnance Survey pan government agreement, this switch was not included in the Winter Supplementary as it would have produced a negative RfR; an increase in AinA of £999,000 from OGC consultancies with £1,000,000 spend, giving a token £1,000 increase; a partial draw down of programme eyf of £300,000 for Budget documentation; a reduction in HM Treasury programme cost of capital of £7,758,000; funding of £350,000 programme spend from the Invest to Save Budget for a project on banking; a net transfer of £990,000 programme costs, for the honours and dignities function, to the Cabinet Office; an increase in OGC programme spend of £2,600,000 resulting from the switch from administration costs mentioned above; an increase in DEL CFERs of £603,000

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