HC Deb 02 April 2003 vol 402 c61WS
The Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department (Ms Rosie Winterton)

My right hon. and noble Friend, the Lord Chancellor has today set the following key performance targets for Her Majesty's Land Registry for 2003–04.


Speed: Percentage of office copy and official search applications processed within two working days:98 per cent. Percentage of all registrations processed within 20 working days: 80 per cent.

Accuracy: Percentage of registrations processed free of any error: 98.5 per cent.

Overall Satisfaction:1 Percentage of customers who,overall, are very satisfied/satisfied with the full range of services provided by Land Registry: Better than 94 per cent.

FINANCIAL Percentage return on average capital employed:6 per cent.

EFFICIENCY2 Cost per unit in cash terms 3 (real terms)4: £29.08(£22.17)


Start pilot implementation for e-Discharges

Make all key Land Registry information services available over the Internet

Critical Action Points:

Implement the Land Registration Act 2002

Report to Ministers on proposals for e-conveyancing services and procurement strategy

  • 1 Results from YTD monthly mini satisfaction survey and Customer Service Survey 2002
  • 2 This is a milestone towards the HM Treasury-agreed cost per unit target for 2006–07 of £28.62 in cash terms (£20.27 in real terms).
  • 3 Based on the GDP deflator issued by HM Treasury on 23 December 2002 (base year 1992–93)
  • 4 The real term unit cost in the base year of 1992–93 was £30.65

*More information on these and other key targets is published in the Strategic and Business Plans.