HC Deb 27 November 2002 vol 395 cc31-2WS
The Minister for the Environment (Mr. Michael Meacher)

I am delighted to announce that the "Sustainable Development in Government 1st Annual Report" has been published today. This replaces the Greening Government Annual reports of the last Parliament. The change in title reflects the Government's commitment to considering economic, environmental and social impacts of the operation of the Government Estate and in policy making processes.

Resources Capital
Change New DEL Of which: Voted Non-voted Change New DEL Of which: voted Non-voted
1,100 541 541 N/A 600 1,135 1,135 N/A

The increase in the resource element of the DEL £1,100,000 arises from the take up of end of year flexibility of administration costs.

The increase in the capital element of the DEL £600,000 arises from an investment in the development of a new financial model. This will be used in the next review of prices and will be shared with the industry and the website development costs.

Resources Capital
Change New DEL Of which: Voted Non-voted Change New DEL Of which: voted Non-voted
+245,339 1,842,196 1,475,257 366,939 +77,667 616,524 519,141 97,383

the necessary Supplementary Estimate, British Trade International's Resource DEL will be increased by £3,707,000 from £92,131,000 to £95,838,000. Within the DEL change, the impact on resources and capital are set out in the following table.

The report is presented in two parts; Part 1 is a summary of the progress and achievements across Government against the commitments and priorities set out in the 3rd Annual Report on Greening Government last year; Part 2 of the report will be in the form of a database giving details of the performance of every department. The database will be available on the Government's Sustainable development website— www.sustainable-development.gov.uk/ar2002/ index.htm

There is also an executive summary of the report which highlights major achievements and priorities. The information contained within Part 2 has been transferred to CD-ROM and placed alongside copies of Part 1 and the executive summary in the libraries of both Houses.