HC Deb 27 November 2002 vol 395 cc24-5WS
The Economic Secretary to the Treasury (John Healey)

Subject to Parliamentary approval of the necessary Supplementary Estimate, the H M Customs

Resources Capital
Change New DEL Of which: Voted Non- voted Change New DEL Of which: voted Non-voted
50,878,000 1,074,310,000 1,045,571,000 28,739,000 84,418,000 61,418,000 23,000,000

The change in the resource element of the DEL arises from: the take up of end year flexibility entitlement of £21,177,000 on administration costs and £29,588,000 on programme expenditure as set out in the Public Expenditure Outturn White Paper (Cm 5574); a transfer of £67,000 in administration costs from HM Treasury for setting up the Penrose Inquiry team; and a transfer of £46,000 from the Home Office on programme expenditure in respect of Cocaine Market Sizing research.

The total administration costs change is £61,644,000, which includes a switch from non-discretionary programme expenditure to administration costs of £40,400,000. The administration costs increase will primarily provide for additional front-line operational staff and support resources, to tackle fraud in respect of Excise duties (significantly Hydrocarbon Oils).

The increases will be offset by inter-departmental transfers or charged to the DEL Reserve and will not therefore add to the planned total of public expenditure.