HL Deb 19 January 2005 vol 668 cc117-8WA
The Countess of Mar

asked Her Majesty's Government:

Which pesticide approval holders did not respond to the Pesticide Safety Directorate's questionnaire on possible effects of pesticides on human health; and which product approvals have been suspended or revoked. [HL701]

Lord Whitty

The following approval holders did not respond to the survey:

  • Compo GmbH &Co KG SA
  • Sinion EU Corporation
  • Top Farm Formulations
  • Marnoch Ventures Ltd
  • Nissan Chemical Europe GmbH
  • Quadrangle Agrochemicals
  • Chemsearch NCH (UK) Ltd
  • Indofil Chemicals Company
  • Tomen France SA
  • Elf Atochem Agri SA
  • Atochem Agri BV
  • Yule Catto Consumer Chemicals Ltd
  • Unistar Ltd

The following products have been suspended or revoked as a result of the survey:

Clean-Up-360 (M05076)
Floranid Lawn Feed with Weed killer (Ml1508)
Glister (Ml1413)

Glyphosate-360 (M05319)
Marnoch Binoxy (M10622)
Marnoch Carbadil 10 (M10338)
Marnoch Chlorothalonil (M09763)
Marnoch Clodim (M09852)
Marnoch Glyphosate (M09744)
Marnoch Kempo (M09918)
Marnoch Mancym (M10130)
Marnoch Metazachlor (M09761)
Marnoch Penor D (M09871)
Marnoch Phonet (M09979)
Marnoch Phorm (M10773)
Marnoch Vinol (M09815)
Poseidon (Ml1040)
Quadrangle Chlormequat 700 (M03401)
Quadrangle Hinge (M08070)
Systol M (M03480)
Top Farm Carbendazim-435 (M05307)
Top Farm Fluazinam (M07683)
Top Farm Propyzamide 500 (M05484)
Gro-Tard II (M04462)
Manfil (Ml1093)
Dequiman MZ (M06870)
Triherbicide CIPC (M06426)
Trimangol 80 (M06070)
TWK Total Weedkiller (M06332)
Unistar Glyphosate 360 (M05928)
Unistar Glyphosate 360 (M06332)
PP Captan 80 WG (M11006)
PP Captan 83 (M08768)

The countess of Mar

asked Her Majesty's Government:

Whether they propose to take any steps to require pesticide approval holders to submit all data relating to human adverse incidents since 1998 to the Pesticides Safety Directorate. [HL702]

Lord Whitty

The Pesticides Safety Directorate will in future carry out yearly surveys of the potential human health effects of pesticides. We do not propose to collect information retrospectively prior to 2002.