HL Deb 12 January 2005 vol 668 cc66-9WA
Lord Hanningfield

asked Her Majesty's Government:

What works of art including paintings and sculptures, were bought or commissioned by each government department in the past two years. [HL576]

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Culture, Media and Sport (Lord McIntosh of Haringey)

The Government Art Collection (GAC) part of the Department for Culture, Media & Sport purchased the following works of art for its holdings during the Calendar Years 2003 and 2004:

Government Art Collection

Purchases January-December 2003

"We Take More Care of You" 2003; painting by Peter Liversidge

"Andy Warhol Self-Portrait with Hands Around Neck" 2002; painting/mixed media by Gavin Turk

"Bird Garden with Intestinal Self-Portrait" Mixed media drawing by Samira Abbassy

"Delicious Food"/"Plain White"/"Thankyou Thankyou"/"Thankyou"/"Fish and Chips"/"Purveyors of the Finest Fruit amp; Veg" 2002; five screenprints by Stephen Palmer, from the Portfolio "Carrier Bag Top Ten"

The Management Committee of the World Wide Web Consortium (w3c)" 2000; 13 engraved glass panels by Nick Crowe

"UW84DC£7" 2001; ash and aluminium sculpture by Richard Deacon

"An English Lady in Winter Costume" 1640; etching by Wenceslas Hollar, from English and Foreign Costumes

"Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom" 1985; screenprint by Andy Warhol, from the portfolio "Reigning Queens"

"Chandelier" 2003; carbon drawing by Henry Krokatsis

"Nourishment" 5/37 2002; portfolio of 12 etchings by Michael Landy

"River Avon Mud Drawings" 1997; six mud drawings by Richard Long

"Clevedon, Blind Yeo, 16 January 2000" 2/6 2000 "Clevedon, Blind Yeo, 16 January 2000" 2/6 2000; diptych of C-type photographs by Jem Southam

"Shakespeare from Memory" 1998; 26 inkjet prints by Emma Kay

"At This Stage" 19/25 2001; carborundum/relief/mixed method print by Gillian Ayres

"Interior of a Mosque or Mimbar of the Great Mosque at Damascus"; painting by Frederick Leighton

"Portrait of the Broke and the Bowes Families" 1740; painting by Thomas Bardwell

"South Downs" 1/5 2002; colour photograph by Richard Billingham

"We should also bear in mind." 18/44 2001; screenprint and Text Work by Tess Jaray, from the Portfolio "From the Rings of Saturn and Vertigo"

"Red Haired Woman in the Park" 2003; painting by Chantal Joffe

"Newlyn Pink" 7/50 1991; screenprint by Terry Frost

"An Over-Shrugged Shoulder" 30/75 1992–3, "A Stab in the Back" 30/75 1992–3, "A Political Handshake" 30/75 1992–3, "A Nod and a Wink" 30/75 1992–3; screenprints by Bruce McLean, from the Portfolio Room Service No. 1

"Untitled (A Machine for Living)" 1/5 2000; photograph by Dan Holdsworth

"Afro Lunar Lovers" 184/350 2003; giclee/mixed method print by Chris Ofili

"The Meal" 1/5 2003; photograph by A.K. Dolven

"Lung Ch'uan Ware and Window" 17/45 1990, "Lung Ch'uan Ware and Black Lamp" 17/45; screenprints by Patrick Caulfield from the Portfolio "White Ware Prints"

"Two Blues" 124/250 2003; screenprint by Bridget Riley

"Other Careers that Begin with A" 16/85 2003; screenprint by Colin Lowe and Roddy Thomson

"A Manchester Portfolio" 3/50 2003ortfolio of 10 works by various artists

"Red China" 17/25 1966; screenprint by Michael Kidner

"Madron Woodcuts 1–10" 4/35 1998; portfolio of 10 woodcuts by Terry Frost

"Landscape No.662" 2003; painting by John Virtue

"Circus Boy" 2003; painting by Juan Bolivar

"The Young Artists" c. 1745; painting by Philippe Mercier

"George Macartney (1737–1806) Earl Macartney, first British Ambassador to China"; pastel drawing by Ozias Humphrey. Purchased with accompanying illuminated certificate granting the sitter Earl Macartney and Viscount Macartney of Dervock in the peerage of Ireland, 1792.

"Ladder", "Handle/Rope", "Map", "Lean", "Slide", "Platform" 2000–01; video works by John Wood and Paul Harrison

Purchases January-December 2004

"Landscape No.664" 2003; painting by John Virtue "Howling like dogs, I swallowed solid air" 1/3 1998–2003; colour photograph/light box by Zarina Bhimji

"Studio Paintings: Index" 1/50 2003; lithograph by Ian Whittlesea

"Studio Painting: Samuel Psalmer2 1996–2004; painting by Ian Whittlesea

"Eucalyptus" 17/30 2003; screenprint by Claude Heath

"The Great Wall of China, Splendid China, Shenzen, China 2003" 1/5, "The Pyramids and the Sphinx, Window of the World, Shenzen, China 2003" 1/3, "The Taj Mahal, Window of the World, Shenzen, China 2003" 1/3 "Westminster, Window of the World, Shenzen, China 2003" 1/3, "The Arc de Triomphe, Window of the World, Shenzen, China 2003" 1/3; colour photographs by Mandy Lee Jandrell

"Black Dahlias" 37/45 2002; portfolio of 12 screenprints by Paul Morrison

"Water-cooled Watercress" 1990; screenprint by Ian Hamilton Finlay

"Scenes from the Passion: Valentine's Day" 2004; painting by George Shaw

"White Ice" 21/30 2002 "Black Ice" 21/30 2002; etchings by Anya Gallaccio

"Rescued Rhododendrons 1–5"; five colour photographs by Simon Starling

"Folio" 5/40 2004; portfolio of 12 screenprints by Michael Craig-Martin

"Folio" 15/40 2004; portfolio of 12 screenprints by Michael Craig-Martin

"Rio de Janeiro"; coloured engraving after L. Scott, from Payne's Universum or Pictorial World (London, 1847)

"Rio de Janeiro"; colour lithograph after Robert Elwes, from A Sketcher's Tour round the World (London, 1854)

"View of St. Salvador, a City of South America"; coloured engraving by J K Sherwin, from Millar's Complete and Universal System of Geographv (London, 1782)

"Untitled" 12/100; etching by James Ireland

"Chance and Order 4 (Green)" 1970; painting by Kenneth Martin

"Ben Nevis on Blue" 2004; painting by Claude Heath

"Map of an Englishman" 39/50 2004; etching by Grayson Perry

The GAC commissioned no works of art from its own funds during this period, but has worked with the Home Office in commissioning a number of works of art for its new headquarters building in London (due to open in early 2005); and with the Regional Government Office for the East of England in commissioning seven photographs for its new building in Cambridge (opened 2003).

Specific details of other works of art bought or commissioned by government departments without the assistance of the GAC should be available from the individual departments. This information is not held centrally.