HC Deb 17 September 2004 vol 424 cc1898-9W
Mr. Hurst

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many anti-social behaviour orders have been made in(a) Essex and (b) Braintree district. [188558]

Ms Blears

The number of notifications, as reported to the Home Office, of anti-social behaviour orders issued within Essex, from 1 April 1999 up to 31 March 2004 (latest available) is 25. Of these none have had restrictions imposed specific to the Braintree district council area.

Mr. McNamara

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) have been made in each year since their introduction; how many of these were issued to children and young people; and how many and what percentage of those charged with breach of an ASBO have subsequently been sent to young offenders institutes. [189095]

Ms Blears

The available information is given in the attached tables.

Minister of States letter of 29 October 2003; and (i) how many of those cases and (ii) for how many children under 18 years decisions are outstanding. [186956]

Mr. Browne

An announcement detailing the results of the exercise including the available statistical information will be made when the exercise is completed and all those potentially qualifying applicants have had the opportunity to respond to our queries.

Good progress has been made in considering the cases originally identified. The bulk of these cases have been processed with the majority, where the applicants have responded to our queries, having been decided, We rely on the applicants we contact replying to our queries promptly and those not doing so are being reminded.

Anomalies we removed on 19 August, will result in a number of previously excluded applicants being reconsidered. In addition, we are encouraging applicants who believe that they should qualify to contact the Immigration Nationality Directorate to have their status assessed.

Mr. Austin Mitchell

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many accommodation units the National Asylum Support Service has rented from(a) private landlords and (b) local authorities in North East Lincolnshire for asylum-seekers in each year since 2002; and how many of these are currently empty. [187297]

Mr. Browne

The information is not available in the precise format requested. The number of occupied bed spaces changes from day to day as asylum seekers move through the asylum process.

Mr. Malins

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list the occasions since 1997 on which he has been found by(a) the administrative court, (b) the court of appeal and (c) the House of Lords to have acted unlawfully in immigration, nationality and asylum matters; and what action (i) he and (ii) his Department has taken to remedy the unlawfulness in each case. [186377]

Mr. Browne

This information could be obtained only at disproportionate cost.

Statistics are published by the Home Office on the number of asylum cases going before the administrative court on judicial review, but not on immigration and nationality cases. The asylum statistics exclude cases relating to asylum support (NASS) for the years 2000 and 2001. In addition, they do not indicate whether the

Asylum appeals Applications for judicial review, and outcomes, excluding dependants1, 1997 to 20032
Number of principal appellants Applications for permission to apply for judicial review
Applications Decisions3 of which: granted permission to apply Percentage of applicants granted permission to apply4
1997 1,350 1,250 320 26
1998 1,890 1,220 300 25
1999 Q1.Q2, and Q45 1,790 1,125 395 35
20006 1,920 2,095 555 26
20016 2,210 2,300 290 13
2002 3,075 2,980 260 9
20032 2,170 2,240 235 10

The outcome of judicial review hearings
Allowed7 Dismissed8 Withdrawn
Total As percentage of total determined Total As percentage of total determined Total As percentage of total determined
1999 Q1.Q2, and Q45 135 57 25 11 75 32
20006 365 48 300 40 95 12
20016 260 68 60 16 60 16
2002 25 30 60 67 5 3
20032 30 35 55 62 5 3
1Figures based on administrative court data. Figures (other than percentages) rounded to the nearest 5.
2 Provisional figures.
3 Decisions do not relate to applications in any given period.
4 The number of which granted permission to apply as a percentage of decisions.
5 Estimated figures.
6 Figures exclude judicial reviews broug it in cases relating to asylum support (NASS).
7 The decision of the respondent (in this case, the Home Office or the immigration appeal tribunal) was quashed. These figures include consent orders where the JR was conceded by the respondent.
8 The decision of the respondent was upheld.

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