HC Deb 30 March 2004 vol 419 cc1320-1W
Mr. Spring

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport(a) how many speed cameras there were and (b) what amount of revenue was raised, in each region in each year since 1997. [143347]

Mr. Jamieson

My Department holds information on speed cameras operated under the Speed Camera Programme for funding of approved cameras from fixed fine receipts, which began with seven Safety Camera Partnership areas in England and Wales in April 2000, increasing to 14 in 2001 and to 28 during 2002. The numbers of approved fixed and mobile speed camera sites for those partnership areas are:

As at end of year Fixed camera sites Mobile camera sites Total
2000–01 311 242 553
2001–02 706 541 1,247
2002–03 1,387 1,528 2,915

My Department plans shortly to publish information on the number of safety camera locations for all Safety Camera Partnerships in England and Wales together with collision and casualty information.

Prior to the Safety Camera Programme, police and highway authorities have used cameras since 1991, under the Road Traffic Act 1991 and the Department of Transport Circular 1/92 "Use of technology for traffic enforcement: Guidance on deployment". My Department does not hold information centrally on cameras which arc not part of the Safety Camera Programme.

The conditional offer fixed penalty fines for speeding and traffic light offences from the partnerships, from the audited figures available for 2000–01 and 2001–02 were:

Fine revenue
Cleveland 898,960
Essex 1,843,480
Lincolnshire 627,000
Nottingham 555,360
Northants 2,167,840
South Wales 1,567,000
Thames Valley 2,239,120
Cleveland 855,480
Essex 3,524,120
Lincolnshire 1,059,680
Nottingham 812,640
Northants 2,967,640
South Wales 1,876,240
Thames Valley 4,672,880
Cambridgeshire 135,420
Derbyshire 654,000
Lancashire 1,197,180
Norfolk 160,140
North Wales 648,780
Staffordshire 631,260
Warwickshire 204,300
Total 19,302,536


Separate figures are not available for speeding offences only.

Information on 2002–03 fine revenue will be available shortly.

Mr. Simmonds

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many speed cameras have been erected in each county in England in each year since 1997. [163804]

Mr. Jamieson

My Department plans shortly to publish information on the safety camera sites in all Safety Camera Partnerships, which currently cover 38 of the 43 police authority areas in England and Wales. Information is not held centrally on safety cameras operated by police and highway authorities which do not participate in the partnership scheme.