HC Deb 23 July 2004 vol 424 c846W
Norman Lamb

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how much the production of his Department's latest annual report cost; how many copies were printed; how many copies of it were sold at its cover price; to whom copies of the report have been provided free of charge; and how many copies were provided free of charge. [171146]

Fiona Mactaggart

The Home Office Departmental Report 2004 (Cm 6208) is the main vehicle by which the Home Office explains its aims and performance for 2003–04, and how it organised itself to deliver. As such it plays an important part in maintaining accountability to both Parliament and the public. It also provides key external stakeholders with an overview of the Department's activities as a whole.

In order to ensure transparency, the report is structured around our key aims and the key PSA targets and other priorities that underpin these.

The report's publication was handled by the Stationery Office Ltd. (TSO). Under the terms of the contract with TSO that company generally meets the costs of printing and publication and uses its commercial judgement as to the number of copies which it prints and the sale price.

The direct costs of production borne by the Home Office and the printing costs of those copies ordered by the Department came to £65,282 excluding VAT and £72,210 including VAT. This excludes the costs of staff time within the Department, obtaining estimates of which would involve disproportionate cost. 1,150 copies were purchased by the Department for distribution within its headquarters (to directors, board members and on request to other members of the Senior Civil Service) and to senior managers in key delivery partners such as probation areas, police forces, and Government offices. Copies were also made available to Parliament and the press. The report is also available without charge on the Department's website.