HC Deb 22 July 2004 vol 424 cc465-9W
Mr. Watts

To ask the Prime Minister if he will list(a) the names of special advisers in post and their specific area of expertise if appropriate, (b) special advisers pay ranges for 2004–05,(c) the number of special advisers in each pay band by Department and (d) the total cost of special advisers for 2003–04. [186445]

The Prime Minister

Listed as follows are the names of special advisers in post at 19 July 2004, the special advisers' pay ranges for 2004–05, the number of special advisers in each pay hand by Department and the total cost of special advisees for 2003–04.

All special advisers are appointed under terms and conditions set out in the "Model Contract for Special Advisers" providing advice on the full range of their appointing Minister's departmental responsibilities. Where a special adviser has a specific expertise this is indicated.

Adviser in post
Appointing Minister Special adviser in post Expertise
Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State Joan Hammel Ian McKenzie Paul Hacket (p/t)
Chief Whip (Commons) Sue Jackson Fiona Gordon
Chief Whip (Lords) Margaret Ounsley
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Bill Bush Nick Bent
Secretary of State for Defence Michael Dugher James Connal
Secretary of State for Education and Skills Robert Hill Lisa Tremble
Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Nicci Collins Stephen Hale Hazel Phillips
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Ed Owen/Michael Williams Communications and the EU UN;human rights; Asia, Africa and the Balkans.
Secretary of State for Health Richard Otszewski Steve Bates Paul Corrigan
Secretary of State for the Home Department Matt Cavanagh Katharine Raymond Huw Evans Sophie Linden(p/t)
Leader of the House of Lords, and Lords President of the Council Matthew Seward2 Mark Davies Joe Dancey(p/t) Communication
Secretary of State for Constitutional Affair and Lord Chancellor Garry Hart Philip Bassett
Secretary of State for International Development Alex Evans Beatrice Stern Communications
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Owen Smith Adam Higgett
Leader of the House of Commons, Lord Privy Seal and Secretary of State for Wales Greg Power Phil Taylor Andrew Bold Parliamentary procedure Parliamentary Procedure Welsh affairs
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Jim Godfrey Roger Sharp Deborach Lincoln Emily Thomas(unpaid) Communication Women and equality
Secretary of State for Transport and Secretary of State for Scotland Andrew Maugham Sam White Iain gray Scottish affairs
Chancellor of the Exchequer3,4 Ian Austin Spencer Livermore Communication
Chief Secretary Nicola Murphy Jonathan Ashworth
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Chris Norton Tom Clark
Minister without Portfolio Martin O'Donovan Blair McDougall
1Plus Lord Birt who is appointed as the Prime Minister's unpaid strategy adviser
2 In addition, Matthew Seward also works part-time for the Home Secretary
3In addition, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has appointed Ed Miliband (Chairman), Paul Gregg, Shriti Vadera, Michael Jacobs and Stewart Wood to the Council of Economic Advisers on special adviser terms.
4Plus Sue Nye appointed as an unpaid adviser

The Pay bands for 2004–05

The pay bands and pay ranges for special advisers for 2004—05 are as follows:

Scheme maximum 133,628
Pay band 4 80,178 to 96,213
Pay band 3 and premium 59,867 to 93,005

Pay band
Department 0 1 2 3 4
No 101 1 5 5 13 2
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 2 1
Chief Whips' Offices (Commons and Lords) 1 2
Constitutional Affairs 2
Culture, Media and Sport 1 1
Defence 1 1
Education and Skills 1 1
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 2 1
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2
Health 2 1
Home Office 4
International Development 2
Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Lords 3
Lord Privy Seal; Leader of the House of Commons and Secretary of State for Wales 2 1
Northern Ireland Office 1 1
Trade and Industry 1 1 1
HM Treasury3 2 2
Secretary of State for Scotland and Secretary of State for Transport 1 2
Work and Pensions 2
Minister without Portfolio 2
Total 1 23 26 22 4
1 Plus two special advisers who are paid beyond pay band 4 but within the scheme maximum
2Plus one adviser who is unpaid
3Plus the five members of the Council of Economic Advisers who are employed on special adviser terms (one in band 4, three in band 3 and one in band 1). One of the members of the Council work part time.

Paybill costs

The cost of special advisers in 2003–04 is £5.3 million1

1 This figure includes salary, severance pay and an estimate of pensions costs.