HC Deb 25 February 2004 vol 418 cc432-5W
Mr. Beith

To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what assessment she has made of the effect on farm diversification of pre-1983 agricultural tenancy conditions which refer to earnings from agriculture. [150885]

Alun Michael

Ministers have become increasingly concerned that agricultural tenancy legislation, together with the terms contained in agricultural tenancy agreements, combine to prevent some tenant farmers from participating in diversification and agri-environment activities. Income from diversified activities might also affect succession rights under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986. In view of these concerns, we reconvened the Tenancy Reform Industry Group in November 2002. The Group was asked to make recommendations to improve the health of the tenancy sector, and in particular, to encourage greater participation in farm diversification among tenant farmers.

The Tenancy Reform Industry Group presented its report to Government in June 2003. The report, which has the support of all Group members, made a number of wide ranging recommendations for increasing flexibility within agricultural tenancies. These include updating the statutory succession provisions in the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 to allow income derived from farm diversification projects undertaken with the consent of the landlord to be taken into account in assessing eligibility for succession to an agricultural tenancy. The Group also recommended a code of practice on diversification within agricultural tenancies, backed up by an independent adjudication scheme to which disputes can be referred when they cannot be settled between parties.

The Government responded to the Report of the Tenancy Reform Industry Group shortly before Christmas. The Government accepted all of the Group's recommendations for amendments to the existing tenancy legislation and the proposed code of practice. It is anticipated that changes to the legislation will be effected by means of an Order under the Regulatory Reform Act. It is hoped that a formal consultation document on the Regulatory Reform Order will be issued later in the year.

Paddy Tipping

To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs if she will list the total amount of Common Agricultural Policy subsidy paid to English farms in 2003, broken down by county; and what the(a) highest, (b) lowest and (c) average individual payment in each county were. [151352]

Alun Michael

The following table shows the total amount and average individual payments made for each county1 in England. However, we are unable to supply

County Total amount (£) Number of claims Average payment (£)
Tees Valley and Durham 33,823,029.86 1,763 19,184.92
Northumberland and Tyne & Wear 66,327,723.89 1,872 35,431.48
Cumbria 72,822,877.45 4,852 15,008.84
Cheshire 16,210,308.85 2,110 7,682.61
Greater Manchester 4,320,959.33 560 7,715.99
Lancashire 23,156,928.16 2,639 8,774.89
Merseyside 2,762,820.68 188 14,695.85
East Riding and North Lincolnshire 56,488,361.31 2,166 26,079.58
North Yorkshire 111,619,984.91 6,108 18,274.39
South Yorkshire 14,762,236.39 809 18,247.51
West Yorkshire 14,179,485.69 1,469 9,652.47
Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire 55,531,457.94 3,596 15,442.56
Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire 78,391,446.46 3,232 24,254.78
Lincolnshire 98,095,650.80 3,432 28,285.65
Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire 74,282,940.97 5,158 14,401.50
Shropshire and Staffordshire 78,969,277.49 6,222 12,691.94
West Midlands 2,380,209.55 210 11,334.33
East Anglia 186,325,648.48 8,097 23,011.69
Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire 35,191,734.37 1,243 28,311.93
Essex 51,179,181.00 1,746 29,312.25
Inner London 1,482,857.45 100 14,828.57
Outer London 1,964,304.69 145 13,546.93
Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire 77,024,191.94 2,987 25,786.47
Surrey, East and West Sussex 48,432,661.98 2,615 18,521.09
Hampshire and Isle of Wight 38,625,646.00 1,747 22,109.70
Kent 38,054,781.42 1,808 21,047.99
Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and North Somerset 88,933,774.97 5,315 16,732.60
Dorset and Somerset 65,335,288.74 5,570 11,729.85
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly 45,469,578.91 3,892 11,682.83
Devon 91,593,508.63 7,613 12,031.20

Paddy Tipping

To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs how many Common Agricultural Policy payments were made to farmers in each English county in 2003; and what the total area was that the subsidy related to, broken down by county. [151353]

Alun Michael

The number of Common Agriculture Policy payments made to farmers in each English county and the areas the subsidy related to are set out in the following tables. The county split for the number of claims paid is in line with NUTS 2 (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) regional analysis.

County Claims paid
Tees Valley and Durham 1,763
Northumberland and Tyne and Wear 1,872
Cumbria 4,852
Cheshire 2,110
Greater Manchester 560
Lancashire 2,639
Merseyside 188
East Riding and North Lincolnshire 2,166

information on individual payments under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 unless such details are allowed by any of the exemptions to the Act. If such exemptions can be identified then further consideration can be given to the request.

Financial figures represent the European Agriculture Guidance and Guarantee Fund 2003 accounting year which runs from 16 October 2002 to 15 October 2003. 1 The county split is in line with NUTS 2 (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) regional analysis.

County Claims paid
North Yorkshire 6,108
South Yorkshire 809
West Yorkshire 1,469
Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire 3,596
Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire 3,232
Lincolnshire 3,432
Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire 5,158
Shropshire and Staffordshire 6,222
West Midlands 210
East Anglia 8,097
Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire 1,243
Essex 1,746
Inner London 100
Outer London 145
Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire 2,987
Surrey, East and West Sussex 2,615
Hampshire and Isle of Wight 1,747
Kent 1,808
Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and North Somerset 5,315
Dorset and Somerset 5,570
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly 3,892
Devon 7,613
County Area (ha)
Bedfordshire 73,816
Berkshire 43,578
Buckinghamshire 100,562
Cleveland 23,101
Cambridgeshire 216,721
Cheshire 108,343
Cornwall 218,073
Cumbria 415,450
Derbyshire 164,544
Devon 417,851
Dorset 148,170
Durham 140,407
Essex 215,356
Gloucestershire 165,425
Hampshire 163,909
Isle of Wight 18,562
Hereford and Worcester 225,024
Hertford 80,630
Kent 162,236
Lancashire 172,266
Leicestershire 170,573
Lincolnshire 398,284
Merseyside 13,153
Greater London (ER) 3,223
Middlesex 3,177
Norfolk 280,035
Northamptonshire 164,961
Tyne and Wear 13,370
Northumberland 339,728
Nottingham 118,970
Oxfordshire 177,769
Avon 62,751
Shropshire 226,462
Somerset 211,011
Staffordshire 157,099
Suffolk 225,151
Isles of Scilly 49
Surrey 35,421
East Sussex 71,501
West Sussex 79,980
Warwickshire 120,579
Greater Manchester 24,769
Wiltshire 214,649
West Midlands 11,518
South Yorkshire 70,288
North Yorkshire 483,462
Beverly 76,166
North Yorkshire 46,076
Humberside 230,332
Total 7,352,423

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