HC Deb 20 April 2004 vol 420 cc456-61W
John Thurso

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will list the projects in the Highways Agency's Targeted Programme of Improvements with their(a) estimated cost, (b) start date of construction and (c) planned completion date. [166100]

Mr Jamieson

The following projects, with their estimated cost, are included in the Targeted Programme of Improvements (TPI):

Scheme Scheme Cost (£m)
A1 Stannington Junction (under constriction) 8.3
A 10 Wadesmill, High Cross and Colliers End (under construction) 39.0
A 120 Stansted—Braintree Improvement (under construction) 86.9
A2 Bean—Cobham Phase 1 Bean-Tollgate (under construction) 19.7
A21 Lamberhurst Bypass (under construction) 18.9
A34 Chieveley/M4 J13 Improvement (under construction) 76.0
A63 Selby Bypass (under construction) 68.4
A14 Rookery Crossroads Grade Separated Junction 7.7
A249 Iwade—Queenborough Improvement 80.8
A421 Great Barford Bypass 39.0
A47 Thorney Bypass 25.4
A5 Weeford—Fazeley Improvement 38.0
A63 Melton Grade Separated Junction 22.5
M4 Junction 18 Eastbound Diverge 9.8
M5 Junctions 17–18 Northbound Climbing Lane 6.2
A30 Bodmin Indian Queens 68.9
A66 Long Newton Junction 8.0
A2/A282 Dartford Improvement 79.7
A30/A382 Merrymeet Junction 8.7
A428 Caxton Common to Hardwick Improvement 43.9
A11 Attleborough Bypass 29.3
A3 Hindhead Improvement 167.5
A595 Parton-Lillyhall Improvement 24.9
M40/A404 Handy Cross Junction Improvement 11.8
A1 (M) Bramham-Wetherby (including Wetherby Bypass) 61.6
Al Peterborough-Blyth Grade Separated Junctions 63.2
All Fiveways-Thetford Improvement 60.2
A2 Bean-Cobham Phase 2 Tollgate-Cobham 101.0
A38 Dobwalls Bypass 35.7
A419 Blunsdon 40.2
A419 Commonhead Junction 16.3
A5117/A550 Deeside Park Junctions Improvement 43.1
M6 Carlisle to Guardsmill extension 69.1
M5 Junctions 19–20 Southbound Climbing Lane 8.1
M5 Junctions 19–20 Northbound Climbing Lane 7.9
A14 Haughley New St-Stowmarket Improvement 29.0
A21 Tonbridge to Pembury 64.9
A30 Temple to Higher Carblake Improvement 40.7
A45/A46 Tollbar End Improvement 57.0
A505 Dunstable Northern Bypass (A5 to MI Link) 48.1
A57/A628 Mottram in Longdendale, Hollingworth and Tintwistle Bypass 90.0
A66 Temple Sowerby and Improvement at Winderwath 23.3
A69 Haydon Bridge Bypass 24.2
M1 J19 Improvement 123.4
Ml Junction 10 to 13 Widening 381.8
MI Junction 6a to 10 Widening 241.2
M40 Junction 15 (Longbridge) 57.2
M62 Junction 6 Improvement 38.0
A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton Cross 124.6
A421 Bedford to M 1 Junction 13 171.0
A46 Newark-Widmerpool Improvement 186.0
A1 Adderstone to Belford Dualling 14.2
Al Morpeth to Felton Dualling 84.0
Al/A19/A1068 Seaton Burn Junction Improvement 29.5
A19/A184 Testos Junction Improvement 20.5
A483 Pant-Llanymynech Bypass 40.5
A590 High and Low Newton Bypass 22.1
A64 Rillington Bypass 11.8
A66 Carkin Moor to Scotch Corner Improvement 11.0
A66 Greta Bridge to Stephen Bank Improvement 9.2
A14 Ellington-Fen Ditton Improvement 490.0
A1(M) Dishforth to Leeming 355.0
A1(M) Leeming to Barton (cost included above)

Scheme Scheme Cost (£m)
A1(M) Ferrybridge-Hook Moor (under construction) 160.5
A1(M) Wetherby—Walshford (under construction) 33.5
A303 Stonehenge 223.1
A47 Blofield to North Burlingham Dualling 15.4
A500 City Road and Stoke Junction Improvement (under construction) 59.6
A64 Colton Lane Grade Separated Junction (under construction) 11.0
M20 Junction 10A 46.0
M25 J12–15 Widening (under cosntruction) 104.5
M60 J5–8 Widening (under construction) 116.5
A27 Southerham to Beddingham 18.9
M25 Widening Junction lb-3 65.9
M25 Widening Junction 5–7 214.4
M25 Widening Junction16–23 496.0
M25 Widening Junction 23–27 419.1
M25 Widening Junction 27–30 402.3
M 1 Widening Junction 21–30 1,914.6

These costs include the latest Treasury guidance on risk and optimism bias and allow for inflation at 2.5% per annum.

Of these, the following schemes are expected to start works in 2004–05, with anticipated completion dates as shown:

Scheme Date of


A14 Rookery Crossroads Grade Separated Junction 2005–06
A249 Iwade-Queensborough Improvement 2006–07
A421 Great Barford Bypass 2006–07
A47 Thorney Bypass 2005–06
A5 Weeford-Fazeley Improvement 2005–06
A63 Melton Grade Separated Junction 2006–07
M4 Junction 18 Eastbound Diverge 2005–06
M5 Junctions 17–18 Northbound Climbing Lane 2005–06

Firm decisions have yet to be made on start of works for the remainder of the programme.

John Thurso

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport which major local road schemes in England have been given(a) provisional and (b) full Government approval in each of the last four years; what their current status is; and what the (i) expected start date and (ii) completion date is in each case. [166101]

Mr. Jamieson

Local major road schemes in England, excluding London that have been given(a) provisional and (b) full Government acceptance in each of the last four years are set out in the following table, together with the current status.

Three schemes in the table, which have been provisionally accepted, have been re-designated as Work in Progress following changes from the original scheme proposals. A number of schemes that were provisionally accepted in earlier settlements have been fully accepted since 2000. Expected start and completion dates shown in the table reflect the Department's current information of the proposed delivery timetables of the relevant local authorities. Delivery of schemes is subject

Scheme Current Status (A) Fully Accepted (PA) — Provisionally Accepted Expected Start of Works Expected Scheme Completion Date
2000 LTP Settlement
Wyre Piddle Bypass Open (December 2002)
A689 Sedgefield to Wynard


Open (April 2003)
Biddulph Inner Bypass Open (October 2003)
Semington to Melksham Open (March 2004)
Burntwood Bypass Phase 3 A May 2004 April 2005
Nar Ouse Regeneration Project A January 2004 July 2005
South Lowestoft Relief Road PA May 2004 December 2005
W. Thurrock Regeneration Ring Road A April 2002 April 2004
A1073 Spalding to Eye Improvement PA Scheme reverted to 'Work in Progress' in 2003
A13/Al27–A1159 Corridors A July 2002 (Public Transport), 2006 Autumn 2004 (Road)
Earl Shilton Bypass PA 2000 Scheme reverted to 'Work in Progress' in 2002
A607 Rearsby Bypass A March 2004 December 2004
A158/C541 Coastal Access


PA April 2004 June 2007
Connecting Derby Integrated Transport A—Phase 1

Phases 1, 2 & 3

Phase 2 and 3 of schme also Accepted in 2000 but were reverted to 'Work in Progress' in 2003
Sunderland Southern Radial Route PA June 2004 March 2006
Darlington Eastern Transport Corridor PA July 2004 December 2005
A688 Wheatley Hill to Bowburn Link PA October 2004 December 2005
A167 Chilton Bypass A May 2004 July 2005
Scotswood Road Improvement A April 2004 August 2006
Carlisle Northern Development Route (PFI) PA October 2005 October 2007
Bridgefoot Environment Enhancement PA October 2004 March 2006
The Glossop Spur PA April 2006 April 2008
Hall Lane Area Improvement Scheme PA November 2005 February 2007
East Kent Access Phase 1 PA August 2003 October 2005
Stoke Hammon/Linslade Western Bypass PA October 2006 December 2008
Brunel Link & Harnham Relief Road PA November 2003 April 2005
Barnstaple Western Bypass PA October 2004 December 2006
NW Taunton Package PA July 2004 November 2005
A39 Camelford Bypass PA January 2005 August 2006
Weymouth Relief Road PA See LTP 2003 Settlement section
Rugeley Bypass A April 2005 December 2006
Hanley Bentilee Link PA March 2006 August 2007
Barford Bypass PA February 2005 September 2006
Cradley Heath Town center PA October 2004 April 2005
Rugby Western Relief Road PA N/A
Northfield Regeneration (Birmingham) PA December 2005 December 2006
Owen Street Relief Road PA January 2005 December 2006
East Leeds Link Road A October 2004 September 2006
Leeds Inner Ring Road Stage 7 A October 2005 September 2008
Sheffield Inner Relief Road—Stages 2 & 3 PA June 2004 September 2008
Glasshoughton Coalfields Link Road PA March 2005 May 2007
A63I West Bawtry Road Improvement PA February 2005 April 2006
Hemsworth—A1 Link Road PA March 2005 February 2007
South Bradford Integrated Transport A February 2003 July 2004

to completion of all necessary statutory procedures. Departmental funding of schemes is subject to conditions set out in the relevant decision letters issued to local authorities.

Scheme Current Status (P)(PA)—Provisionally Accepted Expected Start of Works Completion Date
2001 LTP Settlement
Al198 Papworth Everard Bypass PA Late 2004 April 2006
East Corridor South PA Early 2005 Mid 2006
Markham Employment Growth Zone PA Spring 2005 Spring 2007
A612 Gedling ITP Scheme PA March 2005 March 2007
A6096 Ilkeston Awsworth Link PA September 2004 March 2006
A34 Alderley Edge Bypass PA 2005 2007
A228 Main Road to Ropers Lane (Phase 1) A January 2003 October 2004
Bletchley Link PA April 2005 March 2008
Junction 11 M4 Improvement Proposals PA August 2004 July 2006
Poole Bridge Regeneration Initiative PA November 2004 May 2006
Selly Oak Relief Road PA 2005–06 2007–08
A628 Cudworth and West Green Bypass PA November 2004 October 2006
Oakham Bypass PA September 2004 April 2007
A57(T) M1 Junction 31-Todwick Crossroads PA August 2005 August 2006
A1 South East Northumberland Link Road (Pegswood Bypass) PA April 2005 July 2007
The Kiln Lane Link, Epsom PA July 2006 November 2007
A244 Walton Bridge PA April 2006 September 2008
2002 LTP Settlement
Mansfield Ashfield Regeneration Route A June 2003 December 2005
North Middlesbrough Accessibility IMPS PA June 2005 June 2006
Sunderland Central Route PA June 2005 June 2006
Cadishead WayPA December 2003 June 2005
Ashton Northern Bypass Stage 2 PA October 2004 March 2006
Wigan Inner Relief Road PA October 2004 April 2006
A58 Blackbrook Diversion PA December 2005 September 2004
A165 Reighton Bypass PA April 2005 March 2006
A43 Corby Link Road PA April 2006 July 2007
A24 Horsham—Capel PA January 2006 January 2008
A24 Ashington/Southwater PA March 2006 September 2007
A228 Leybourne & West Malting Corridor Improvement PA Spring 2005 Spring 2007
Mereoak Roundabout PA July 2005 July 2007
A391 St Austell to A30 Link PA 2007 2009
2003 LTP Settlement
A142 Fordham Bypass A April 2004 August 2005
A509 Isham Bypass PA June 2003 December 2005
A1056 North Tyneside Northern Gateway Stage 2 PA December 2005 Late 2006/Early 2007
A354 Weymouth Relief Road PA 2007 2010
Brierley Hill Access Network PA 2004–05 2007
Tunstall Northern Bypass PA January 2005 January 2006
Darlaston Strategic Area Access Scheme PA June 2006 May 2008
1 Dates can change as the Local Authority takes the scheme through the required statutory procedures.
2 A = Fully Accepted schemes.
3 PA = Provisionally Accepted. Schemes subject to completion of statutory procedures and any other processes outlined in the settlement decision letter, from the Government Office to the Local Authority, of the relevant LTP Settlement year.