HC Deb 17 September 2003 vol 410 cc735-7W
Mr. Curtis-Thomas

To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will make a statement on the Government Office for the North West financial programmes for(a) UK Online, (b) small retailers in deprived areas and (c) CCTV. [128570]

Yvette Cooper

These programmes received the following funding allocations:

£ million
(a) 2000–03 25
(b) 2001–04 2.8
(c) 2001–04 14.4

Mr. Curtis-Thomas

To ask the Deputy Prime Minister which wards and programmes within Sefton have benefited from the Government Office for the North West funding programmes for(a) capital investment in housing, (b) major repairs allowance, (c) disabled facilities grants, (d) Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, (e) Community Empowerment Fund, (f) Community Chest and Community Learning Chests, (g) the Objective 1 Programme, (h) the Objective 2 Programme, (i) the Objective 3 Programme, (j) the Community Champions Fund, (k) Pathfinder Young Community Champions Fund, (l) UK Online, (m) Connexions, (n) Connexions Summer Plus, (o) Transforming Youth Work Development Fund, (p) drug and alcohol training, (q) Lifelong Learning Partnerships, (r) Sustainable Development Regional Promotional Budget, (s) renewable energy, (t) Mersey Basin Campaign, (u) building safer communities, (v) Wardens Scheme, (w) small retailer in deprived areas, (x) partnership development, (y) Partnership Support Programme, (z) CCTV, (aa) Target Policing Initiative, (bb) prostitution and (cc) violence against women. [128569]

Yvette Cooper

Due to the nature of the grants it is not possible to provide specific details of allocated funds at ward level. The following are programmes that have received funding in Sefton

  1. (a)£4.852 million (2003–04)—Capital Investment in Housing.
  2. (b)£7.37 million (2002–03) £7.191 million (2003–04)—Major Repairs Allowance.
  3. (c)£713,000 (2002–03) £720,000 (2003–04)—Disabled Facilities Grants.
All the above can be borough wide. Major repairs allowance is only for use on local authority stock.
  1. (d)£12.671 million (2001–04) £16,893 million (2004–06)-Neighbourhood Renewal Fund is not prescribed but intended for spend in the most deprived wards.
  2. (e)£435,423 (2001–04) £290,282 (2004–06)—Community Empowerment Fund for use to set up a borough wide community network.
  3. (f)£651,015 (2001–04) £657,050 (2004–06)—Community Chest. £128,996 (2001–04) £154,796 (2004–06)—Community Learning Chests.
  4. (g)The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister does not hold information on levels of European funding at ward level. Also as the Objective One programme is Merseyside-wide in scope, a substantial amount of programme-funded activity will be delivered by organisations that have a pan-Merseyside remit. A project based in one particular area (often at the organisations head office) will therefore draw beneficiaries, or have benefits, and spend money outside its immediate locality. However, Sefton will benefit from the £160 million invested through Objective One in Merseyside in 2002.
  5. (h)Areas that receive Objective 1 monies are not eligible for either Objective Two or Objective Three funding.
  6. (i)Objective 3—see h.
  7. (j)There are seven Community Champions receiving a total of £7,257.
Current Community Champions include: Colette Sheerin Oscroft, No. 35—£416; Tony Roberts, No. 63—£1000; Ian Mackinson, No. 65—£180 Margi Robinson, No. 73—£1,209; Mary French, No. 74—£457; John Cunningham, No. 76—£2,000; Eileen Green, No. 100£1,993.77.
  1. (k)Sefton does not receive Pathfinder Young Community Champions Fund as Sefton is not an eligible area. DIES ran a national competitive bidding process which Sefton did not enter.
  2. (l)£261,813 for three UK Online Centres.
  3. (m)£17.4 million (2003–04) for Greater Merseyside Connexions Partnership. It is not possible to provide specific figures for Sefton as the Merseyside Connexions is Merseyside-wide in scope.
  4. (n)£333,000 (2003–04)—Positive Activities for Young People (formally Connexions Summer Plus).
  5. (o)£49,000 (2003–04)—Transforming Youth Work Development Fund.
  6. (p)£22,000 (2003–04) allocation for Greater Merseyside Connexions Partnership-drug and alcohol training.
  7. (q)£75,000 (2003–04) for Lifelong Learning Partnerships.
  8. (r)£500 in 2000 to help the local authority with Local Agenda 21 issues.
  9. (s)Between 1998–2002 Government Office for the North West employed an energy and environmental adviser who visited 87 businesses in the Sefton area promoting environmental management and resource efficiency. This cost GONW approx £9,000.
  10. (t)Details on funding for Sefton are not held by the Mersey Basin Campaign.
  11. (u)Sefton has been awarded £298.5k (2003–04). The initiatives under the Building Safer Communities programme are also being funded in conjunction with £196,745 allocated to Sefton Division under the Basic Command Unit Fund.
  12. 737W
  13. (v)There are no Wardens Schemes being managed by GONW in Sefton at present.
  14. (w)£21,000 (2001–02), £29,000 2002–03, £29,000 2003–04 Small Retailers in Deprived Areas. Match funding has also been obtained for all three years from the South Sefton Partnership and all South Sefton wards have benefited.
  15. (x)£50,000 awarded between 2001–03—Partnership Development.
  16. (y)Allocated on a regional level for 2002–03—Partnership Support Programme awarded six days consultancy to Sefton CDRP to develop a partnership—Training Needs.
  17. (z)£636,000 has been awarded between 2001–03 for CCTV schemes in Crosby Town Centre, Bootle Town Centre, Southport Town Centre and South Road, Waterloo.
  18. (aa)No projects were directly supported in the Sefton area from the Targeting Police Initiative.
  19. (bb)No projects were directly supported in the Sefton area from the prostitution initiative.
  20. (cc)No projects were directly supported in the Sefton area from the Violence against women initiative.