HC Deb 12 May 2003 vol 405 cc125-6W
Jonathan Shaw

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how much compensation has been given, and on what dates, by the Highways Agency to Buckmore Park Scout Centre as a consequence of the M2 widening; and if he will make a statement about outstanding claims. [111087]

Mr. Jamieson

I have asked the Chief Executive of the Highways Agency, Mr. Tim Matthews, to write to my hon. Friend.

Letter from Tim Matthews to Mr. Jonathan Shaw, dated 7 May 2003: The Transport Minister, David Jamieson, has asked me to reply to your recent Parliamentary Question regarding the amount of compensation that has been given, and on what dates, by the Highways Agency to Buckmore Park Scout Centre as a consequence of the M2 widening. You will know from your previous involvement with the M2 Widening scheme that the Buckmore Park Scout Centre was accepted as a Rule 5 Case under the Land Compensation Act. This provides for compensation to meet the costs of reasonable equivalent reinstatement. Exceptionally, to enable work to be undertaken to organise the replacement facilities and get them built ahead of the M2 widening construction, it was agreed that compensation would be released in stages ahead of the normal land entry requirement. The payment of compensation was therefore spread over a period of time commencing in October 1995. I set out in the attached annex the full schedule of payments made and dates of release. All these payments included the payment of VAT. You will note that the last entry is for statutory interest, providing for the interest on the difference between the sum released at the time of entry and the latest estimate of compensation. You raise the issue of outstanding claims. At the end of 2001, the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), the independent valuer acting for the Highways Agency, had discussed with the scouts valuer, all the heads of claim and had reached a point where a full and final offer could be made. However, because there was some question as to whether the VAT element could be recovered by the scouts, and therefore not form part of the cost of reinstatement, the full and final offer made was presented without prejudice to the outcome of the VAT enquiry. The full and final offer, in the sum of £10,100,000 (including VAT) was made on 4 December 2001 and apparently accepted by the valuer for the scouts but his recommendation to accept was rejected by his client. The dispute over the VAT element eventually led to the scouts making a reference to the Lands Tribunal on 15 April 2002. At that time the solicitor for the scouts raised a claim for compensation on a number of additional items. These were not specified in any way and to date the scouts have not responded to our request for this to be done. The Highways Agency has therefore paid in full all the compensation recommended by the VOA up to the full and final offer that was rejected. Subject to the scouts justifying their claim for additional items there are no outstanding sums. I hope that this answers your queries. The Project Sponsor for the M2 scheme is Colin Chadwick. He would be happy to discuss this issue in greater detail if you wish. He can be contacted at Room C8, 5 Broadway, Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 1BL—telephone 0121 6788281.

Date paid Amount(£) Works/fees Cumulative (£)
30-10-1995 49,256.06 Fees 49,256.06
15-01-1996 21,525.00 Survey/design 70,781.06
16-04-1996 15,143.11 Design fees 85,924.17
15-05-1996 8,750.00 Design fees 94,674.17
28-01-1997 59,511.50 Design fees 154,185.67
05-03-1997 29,819.00 Design fees 184,004.67
11-03-1997 26,590.25 Fees & preparation 210,594.92
09-05-1997 20,715.25 Design fees 231,310.17
27-10-1997 7,470.26 Design fees 238,780.43
21-01-1998 104,271.41 Fees 343,051.84
16-02-1998 101,590.25 Design fees & bank charges 444,642.09
12-03-1998 17,625.01 Fees 462,267.10
19-03-1998 19,413.94 Fees 481,681.04
17-04-1998 43,850.76 Design fees 525,531.80
23-06-1998 2,432.25 Fees 527.964.05
22-09-1998 50,525.01 Design fees 578,489.06
14-10-1998 227,125.15 Works 805,614.21
22-10-1998 468,733.35 Works 1,274,347.56
23-11-1998 523,427.00 Works 1,797,774.56
21-12-1998 449,153.00 Works 2,246,927.56
29-01-1999 204,034.00 Works 2,450,961.56
18-02-1999 303,761.00 Works 2,754,722.56
18-03-1999 333,020.00 Works 3,087,742.56
16-04-1999 104,455.31 Fees 3,192,197.87
19-05-1999 308,414.00 Works 3,500,611.87
18-06-1999 7,843.13 Design Fee 3,508,455.00
23-06-1999 103,987.50 Works 3,612,442.50
23-07-1999 677,768.94 Works &. Buffer 4,290,211.44
26-08-1999 293,750.00 Works 4,583,961.44
30-09-1999 762,401.47 Works 5,346,362.91
28-10-1999 765,129.80 Works 6,111,492.71
11-01-2000 422,507.39 Works 6,534,000.10
10-02-2000 726,000.00 Works 7,260,000.10
25-02-2000 2,018,000.00 Works 9,278,000.10
25-02-2000 22,000.00 Fees 9,300,000.10
18-05-2000 50,000.00 Disturbance 9,350,000.10
12-09-2000 175,000.00 Works 9.525,000.10
04-01-2001 225,000.00 Works 9,750,000.10
15-03-2001 100,000.00 Works 9,850,000.10
28-08-2001 16,634.02 Seeboard invoice 9,866,634.12
14-02-2002 252,327.58 Interest 10,118,961.70