HC Deb 24 March 2003 vol 402 cc93-5W
Mr. Maude

To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department if she will list(a) the title and subject, (b) the total cost to the Department

Completed reports commissioned and published by LCD Research Unit: by year of Publication
Title/Subject Research Costs £ Report Date Researcher/Author Details
Monitoring the rise in the small claims limit: litigants' experiences of different forms of adjudication. 24,789 December 1997 John Baldwin—University of Birmingham
>Delay in the Criminal Justice System 4,498 December 1997 Satnam Choongh—University of Warwick
Resolving Civil Disputes: choosing between out-of-court schemes and litigation 5,564 December 1997 Tamara Coriely and Tom Williams—TPR Social and Legal Research
Law And Economics: State of the Art and Questions for the Future 4,000 December 1997 Anthony Ogus and Rachel Ammas—University of Manchester
Regulating Legal Services 9,000 December 1997 Robert Baldwin—London School of Economics and Political Science
Judicial Appointments Commissions: The European and North 2,250 December 1997 Kate Malleson—London School of Economics
American Experience and the possible implications for the United Kingdom 8,400 December 1997 Cheryl Thomas—Wolfson College, Oxford University
The Division of Marital Assets Following Divorce with Particular Reference to Pensions 4,900 December 1997 Antony Dnes—University of Hertfordshire
Legal Aid Delivery Systems: which offer the best value for money in mass casework? A Summary of International Experience 1,750 December 1997 Tamara Coriely—TPR Social and Legal Research
Ethnic Monitoring of Defendatns Appearing at Leicester Magistrates' Court in 1995 3,100 December 1997 Home Office and Professor Philip Bean Loughborough University
Rationing and Cost-Containment in Legal Services 8,000 March 1998 Robert Dingwall, Paul Fenn and Jackie Tuck University of Nottingham
The Empirical Analysis of Litigation: a Survey of the Economics Literature 8,000 March 1998 Neil Rickman—University of Surrey
Contracting for Legal Services under different Costs Rules 6,200 March 1998 Gwyn Bevan—London School of Economics and Political Science Paul Fenn—University of Nottingham Neil Rickman—University of Surrey
Costing Fast Track Procedures Through Hypothetical Studies 96,000 June 1998 Tamara oriely, Farah Butt and Avrom Sherr—Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
The Central London County Court Pilot Mediation Scheme 23,152 July 1998 Hazel Germ UniversityCollege London
An Economic Analysis of a Proposal to Reform the Discretionary Approach to the Division of Marital Assets in England and Wales 4,000 September 1998 Antony W. Dnes
A Study of the services provided under the Otton Project to Litigants In Person at the Citizens Advice Bureau at the Royal Courts of Justice 10,693 September 1998 Joyce Plotnikoff and Richard Woolfson—Consultants in Management, IT and the Law
Marriage, Cohabitation and the Law: individualism and obligation 71,906 February 1999 Jane Lewis—University of Nottingham
High Divorce Rates: the state of the evidence on reasons and remedies 79,150 February 1999 One plus One Marriage and Partnership Research
Reducing delay in the Criminal Justice System—the views of the Defence Lawyers 15,200 March 1999 Lee Bridges and Marc Jacobs—University of Warwick
An Empirical Analysis of Standard Fees in Magistrates court Criminal Cases 6,000 August 1999 Paul Fenn—University of Nottingham Alastair Gray-Wolfson College, Oxford University Neil Rickman—University of Surrey
A regional study of local authority and court processes in homelessness cases 30,989 September 1999 Trevor Buck—University of Leicester
Children and Civil Litigation 24,654 December 1999 Judith Masson—University of Warwick

and (c) the commissioned author or organisation of each external report commissioned by the Department in each year since 1997. [103720]

Ms Rosie Winterton

I have understood "external report" to mean a report produced at the request of my Department by a person, group or organisation external to my Department, and which is publicly available. This information is not held centrally and could be obtained only at disproportionate cost. However, information on completed reports commissioned and published by LCD Research Unit is set out in the following table. The costs quoted exclude in-house publication costs and incidental LCD staff time in assisting the researchers and managing the contracts.

Completed reports commissioned and published by LCD Research Unit: by year of Publication
Title/Subject Research Costs £ Report Date Researcher/ Author Details
Assumptions about Lawyers in Policy Statements 11,075 February 2000 Phillip Lewis—Wolfson College, Oxford University
Factors affecting the decision to apply for Silk and Judicial Office 9,652 June 2000 Kate Malleson—London School of Economics Fareda Banda—School of Oriental and African Studies
The Effects on Magistrates of Learning that the Defendant has a Previous Conviction 33,940 December 2000 Sally Lloyd-Bostock—University of Birmingham
The introduction of a question on ethnic background into the Civil Justice System 41,076 October 2001 Sara Candy and Vanessa Stone—BM R B
Court-based ADR Initiatives for Non-Family Civil Disputes: The Commercial Court and the Court of Appeal 19,500 March 2002 Hazel Genn—University College London
A Civil Justice Audit 57,515 March 2002 Joanna Shapland—University of Sheffield
Judges' Case Management Perspectives: The Views of Opinion Formers and Case Managers 12,500 April 2002 Joyce Plotnikoff and Richard Woolfson—Consultants in Management, IT and the Law
Professionalising Lay Justice: The Role of the Court Clerk in Family Proceedings 39,507 April 2002 Joan Hunt—Wolfson College, Oxford University
It's Only Parking, but Report of a Research Project on the Applicability to other Adjudicative Settings of Organisational Arrangements at the London Parking Appeals Service 25,246 May 2002 John Raine and Stephanie Snape—University of Brimingham
The impact of conditional fees on the selection, handling and outcomes of personal injury cases 48,354 August 2002 Paul Fenn—University of Nottingham Alastair Gray—Wolfson College, Oxford University Neil Rickman—University of Surrey And Howard Carrier—University of Nottingham
The impact of sources of finance on personal injury litigation: An empirical analysis 43,800 August 2002 Paul Fenn—University of Nottingham Alastair Gray—Wolfson College, Oxford University Neil Rickman—University of Surrey
The Lay and Judicial Perspectives on the Expansion of the Small Claims Regime 21,000 Septemebr 2002 John Baldwin—University of Birmingham
The Impact on Courts and the Administration of Justice of the Human Rights Act 1998 42,298 October 2002 John Raine—Univesity of Birmingham And Clive Walker—University of Leeds
Safety and Child Contact: An analysis of the Role of Child Contact Centres in the context of Domestic Violence and Child Welfare Concerns 41,434 December 2002 Rosemary Aris, Christine Harrison and Cathy Humpreys—University of Warwick
Housing Possession Cases in the County Court: Perceptions and Experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic Defendants 83,735 December 2002 Sarah Blandy, Caroline Hunter, Diane Lister and Judy Nixon—Sheffield Hallam University
Significant Harm: Child Protection Litigation in a Multi-Cultural Setting 210,834 February 2003 Julia Brophy—University of Oxford
Ethnic Minorities in the Criminal Courts: perceptions of fairness and equality of treatment 208,675 March 2003 Roger Hood—University of Oxford And Stephen Shute—University of Birmingham

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