HC Deb 04 March 2003 vol 400 c978W
Mr. Frank Field

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what the average length of sentence(a) issued and (b) served for those young offenders sent to (i) local authority secure units, (ii) young offenders' institutions and (iii) secure training centres was in each of the last five years. [99796]

Hilary Benn

[holding answer 28 February 2003]: The information is not available in precisely the form requested. The custodial part of a sentence may be served in different types of establishment and an individual offender may move between different types of establishment during the course of his sentence. The table shows the average length of sentence imposed, some of which will be served in a custodial establishment and some in the community.

that current exposures to chemicals may alter the functions of the endocrine system in such a way as to harm human health, and many expert reviews have been published. The most recent comprehensive review is in the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS), Global assessment of the state-of-the-science of endocrine disrupters, published in August 2002 by the World Health Organization (WHO/PCS/EDC/02.2). A copy will be deposited in the Library. The report is also available at http://www.who.int/pcs/emerg site/edc/global edc TOC.htm

The Department of Health provided financial support for the IPCS review and both financial and secretariat support were provided by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Several Departments fund research projects on possible health effects from and levels of potential endocrine disrupters present naturally or man-made, in food, consumer products and the environment.