HC Deb 17 June 2003 vol 407 cc138-41W
Mr. Ancram

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs how many new(a) embassies, (b) embassy residences, (c) high commissions and (d) high commission residences (i) have been built since 1997 and (ii) are planned to be built in the next year; in which countries; and if he will list the cost of each project. [118771]

Post Project Cost
Construction projects completed since 1997
Accra New visa office 3,075
Algiers Staff house 180
Algiers Embassy office fit-out 630
Algiers Staff accommodation 230
Almaty Fitout extension to Embassy offices 150
Almaty Fitout visa office 380
Antananarivo Embassy office fitout 515
Asuncion Embassy office fitout 390
Baku Embassy office fitout 1,990
Bangalore Trade office fitout 405
Beirut Embassy office fitout 1,470
Bogota Embassy office fitout 1,310
Boston Consulate-General office fitout 980
Bratislava Ambassador's residence 1,960
Bratislava Embassy office fitout 460
Caracas Embassy office fitout 1,780
Chongqing Consulate-General office fitout 240
Dar es Salaam High Commission (and DfID) offices 7,490
Dili Ambassador's residence 330
Freetown 2 staff houses 265
Guangzhou Consulate-General office fitout 470
Guangzhou Visa office fitout 360
Guatemala Embassy office fitout 385
Hong kong Passport office fitout 900
Jakarta Visa/Consular office fitout 375
Karachi Visa office and nine staff houses 4,200
Kigali Embassy office fitout 290
Kyiv Ambassador's residence 1,100
Kyiv Visa office fitout 380
Lagos Visa office 4,325
Lima Embassy office fitout 1,340
Los Angeles Consulate-General office fitout 1,075
Madrid New Cons office ingoings 7–9 Recoletos 680
Malaga New office ingoings 185
Mbabane High Commission offices fitout 400
Monterrey Consulate offices fitout 345
Moscow Embassy offices, 33 staff flats, clinic and amenities 103,540
Moscow Staffflats 2,810
New Delhi Six staff houses 1,900
Paris Consular and visa office fitout 1,075
Peking Embassy offices extension 1,275
Peking Consular/visa offices 961
Phnom Penh Ambassador's residence fitout 210
Pretoria Visa office extension 530
Pristina New office fitout 695
Pyongyang Embassy office fitout 420
Pyongyang Ambassador's residence and staff accommodation 890
Quito Embassy offices fitout 840
San Salvador Embassy offices fitout 1,020
Sao Paulo New offices fitout 730
Sarajevo Embassy offices fitout 445
Seattle Consulate-General offices fitout 100
Sofia Embassy offices 2,020
St. Georges High Commission offices fitout 130
St. Petersburg Consul-General's residence 1,200
Tallinn Embassy offices 1,685
Tbilisi Interim Embassy offices fitout 615
Tbilisi Ambassador's residence 1,050
Tegucigalpa New offices fitout 160
Tehran Visa office 920
Tripoli Embassy offices 830

Mr. Straw

The embassy and high commission accommodation that the FCO has constructed since 1997, and that planned for the current year, with the cost of each completed project is listed below.

The estimated cost of future projects is being withheld under exemption 7 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information, because the release of this information could compromise the tendering process.

Post Project Cost
Valetta High Commission Offices fitout 1,060
Vilnius Ambasador"s residence 1,050
Yerevan Embassy offices 3,020
Yerevan Fitout new residence 353
Zagreb Embassy offices fitout 1,110
Zagreb Visa office fitout 520
Current construction and projects planned for 2003–04
Abidjan Embassy office fitout
Asmara Embassy office fitout
Athens Embassy office extension
Baghdad Temporary Embassy offices
Cairo Visa office
Cape Town Consulate-General office fitout
Chennai Visa office
Chisinau Fitout Embassy office and residence
Conakry Embassy office fitout
Dubai Six staff houses
Dushanbe Embassy offices and Ambassador's residence
Kabul Interim Embassy offices and staff accommodation
Kathmandu Visa office
Kingston New visa office
Lagos Eight staff houses
Ljubjlana Ambassador's residence (conversion and fitout)
Luxembourg Embassy offices fitout
Mexico City Consulate offices fitout
Portimao Consulate offices fitout
Tbilisi Embassy offices fitout
Tunis Embassy offices