HC Deb 04 June 2003 vol 406 c503W
Mr. Bercow

To ask the Secretary of State for Health what steps the Department has taken to publicise its Public Service Agreement targets; and at what cost to public funds. [114453]

Mr. Lammy

Information on public service agreement targets is published on the Department's website and included in routine publications such as departmental reports, which involves no significant extra cost.

Organisation Number of civil servants Grade of civil servant
Local Councils 11/1/6 IP4 (Grade 6/70 IP3 (HEO/SEO) IP2 (EO)
National Health Service 7/54/20/9 Senior Civil Servant IP4 (Grade 6/7) IP3 (HEO/SEO)IP2(EO)
Other Government Departments 9/3/3/2 IP4 (Grade 6/7) IP3 (HEO/SEO) IP2 (EO) IPI (AA/AO)
Non-Departmental public bodies 8/2 IP4 (Grade 6/7) IP2 (EO)
European Departmental public bodies 8/2 IP4 (Grade 6/7)
Ministere des Affaires Sociales—Paris 1 IP4 (grade 6/7)
National Radiological Protection Board 1 IP4 (Grade 6/7)
Skills for Health (Health for Works UK) 2 IP4 (Grade 6/7)
Learning Skills Council 1 IP3 (HEO/SEO)
Ministry of Health (Greece) 1 IP2 (EO)
Big Brothers and Sisters 1 IP3 (HEO/SEO
NHS Confederation 2 IP4 (Grade 6/7)
Healthwork UK 1 IP4 (Grade 6/7)
Barclays Bank 1 IP2 (EO)
University College 1 IP2 (EO/)
University of Leeds 1 IP3 (HEO/SEO)
Public Guardianship Office 1 IP4 (Grade 6/7)
British Red Cross Society 1 Senior Civil Servant
World Health Organisation 1 Senior Civil Servant
St. Michael's Hospice, Hastings 1 IP2 (EO)
Association for Residential Care 1 IP3 (HEO/SEO)
Golden Lane Housing 1 IP4 (Grade 6/7)
Skills for People 1 IP4 (Grade 6/7)
National Institute for Adult and Continuing Education (NIACE) 1 IP4 (Grade 6/7)
Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority 1 IP4 (Grade 6/7)
Trust for the Study of Adolescence 1 IP4 (Grade 6/7)
Drugscope 1 IP3 (HEO/SEO)
National Children's Bureau 1 IP3 (HEO/SEO)
Health Advisory Service 1 IP3 (HEO/SEO)
Sport England 1 IP4 (Grade 6/7)