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To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (1) when information is being provided about the pension credit hotline to people who are likely to be eligible for the pension credit; [125403]

(2) what the number is of the pension credit hotline; and how many helpline operators there are; [125406]

(3) how many calls have been received by the pension credit hotline in each week since it first opened. [125407]

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The Pension Service began in April 2003 to write to pensioner households to explain pension credit and to invite applications. The letters include the number of the freephone application line (0800 99 1234) and a separate textphone number (0800 169 0133). By June 2004, all pensioner households will have been contacted in this way. The two numbers will also be included in an advertising campaign scheduled to begin in September 2003. The application line will have around 1,500 whole-time equivalent staff when pension credit is implemented in October 2003. Information on the number of calls received is not available in the format requested. The number of calls received by the application line between 7 April 2003, when the line went live, and 30 June 2003 was 114,000.

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