HC Deb 15 July 2003 vol 409 cc294-7W
Mr. Pickles

To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will list the pilots, trials and research studies funded by his Department which have been conducted since 2002, indicating(a) the title, summary and duration of the pilot or trial, (b) the target population and total number of participants and (c) when each pilot, trial or research finding was published; and if he will list the research bodies and organisations outside his Department which were involved in each pilot, trial or research study. [121777]

Yvette Cooper

Since 2002 the Office funded 68 projects of which four were pilots. The following pilots/ trials were commissioned.

EHCS Follow Up Pilot with Local Authorities:

A Study in a selection of local authorities to identify the levels of information that local authorities could provide about dwellings on an individual basis, which will be used to inform the direction of future EHCS Postal Survey (or its replacement).

Let to: NFO Social Research Started 27/5/03 ends 4/7/03 No Publications yet.

Target population—Local Authorities

Total No. of participants: 12

Home Condition Report (HCR)—Technical Pilot:

This aims to test the effectiveness (technical accuracy and consistency) of the HCR on a number of property types.

Let to: Building Research Establishment

Started 7/1/2003 ends 15/8/2003–06–25

No Publications yet.

Target population/participants: It involves 25 surveyors spread across the same four locations carrying out HCRs, (Cardiff, Coventry, Hertfordshire and Sheffield), on 20 "test" properties.

Home Condition Report Consumer Pilot/Surveyor Management contract: (Two contracts, but part of the same piece of work).

The research will pilot the Home Condition Report (HCR), an element of the proposed Home Information Pack, with consumers to explore their understanding and use of the HCR.

Let to: Building Research Establishment

Started 9/5/03 to 31/10/03

No Publications yet

Target population: Home buyers and sellers

Total no: of participants:

A total of 290 home buyers and sellers from four locations (Cardiff, Coventry, Hertfordshire and Sheffield). A total or 40 estate agents (10 in each of the above four locations) 22 surveyors (spread across the four locations).

The research projects commissioned by the Office since 2002 are listed in the following table with the research bodies and organisations involved.

Research Projects Commissioned by ODPM since 2002
Research Project Contractor
Accessible Play Space Inclusion, Childhood & Ed Research & Consultancy Ltd.
Alternative Funding for Stock Transfer Howard Webb
Best value performance standards 2002–03 Llewelyn-Davies
Counting Gypsies and Travellers University of Birmingham
Developing a planning aid fundraising strategy RTPI
Developing a planning aid service in the south west region RTPI
Developing alternative data sources for a national assessment of previously developed land University of the West of England
EHCS Follow up Pilot with Local Authorities NFO System Three
Evaluation of local Authority Bids for Gypsy Sites Refurbishment Grants in 2003–04 Price WaterhouseCoopers
Ex-Post Evaluation of the England and Wales Leader II Programmes (1994–99) Fraser Associates
Good Practice in Providing Homelessness Services for Households from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities Ethnos
Guidance for Local Authorities on Appraisal of Options for investing in Council Housing HACAS Chapman Hendy
Home Condition Report—Technical Pilot Building Research Establishment
Home Condition Report Consumer Pilot: Surveyor Management Contract Building Research Establishment
Home Ownership Solutions for Low Demand Areas University of Birmingham
Housing Research Network University of York
Improvements in social sector repair and maintenance procurement practice The Housing Forum
International Literature Review to Establish the Current Extent of Knowledge of the Physiological Capabilities of Firelighters in Dealing With Incidents in The Natural and Built Environment. Optimal Performance Ltd.
Land Value Change in the Four South East Growth Areas in the Community Plan Steer Davies Gleave
Mid-Term Evaluation of Urban II Programmes in England DTZ Pieda Consulting
Planning aid volunteer recruitment, retention and support RTPI
Planning Research Network CUDEM (Leeds Metropolitan Univ)
Possession Actions and Evictions by Social Landlords University of Glasgow
Preventing and Resolving Conflicts in Communities Between Local Groups Lemos and Crane
Divided on Racial Grounds
Risk of fire and social exclusion Ecotec
Section 38 Landlord and Tenant Act 1954—Failed Applications University of Bristol
Short Report of the Fire Cover Review Ubiqus Reporting UK
Short Term Consultancy Needs for Human Factors Expertise to Her Majesty's Dr. Stephen Cole
Fire Service Inspectorate and Fire Research Division within the Fire Health Safety Directorate.
The Home Condition Report: Consumer Piloting Building Research Establishment
The potential of a planning advisory service in England Chris Shepley Planning
The Provision of Guidance on Methods of Forcible Entry. Building Research Establishment
The relationship between transport and development in the Thames gateway Llewelyn-Davies
The role of mediation in the planning process—international experience Heriot-Watt University.
To Investigate the Increasing Value of Planning Appeals Arup Economics & Planning
Urban & Neighbourhhod Studies Research Network Economic and Social Research Council
Valuing the External Benefits of Undeveloped Land (Stage 2 of 3) Eftec with ENTEC
Version 2 of the Housing Health &Safety Rating System University of Warwick
Qualitative Case Studies to examine the perceived impact of policy on the lives of socially excluded households Qualitative Research Unit, National Centre for Social Rearch
Scoping study for relative cost-effectiveness analysis of preventative vs palliative measures Frontier Economics
Cost of interventions, long term costs of failure to address social exclusion among people with mental health problems Personal Social Services Research Unit, LSE
Literature review "Mental Health and volunteering" Institute for Volunteering and Research
Literature review of personal finances Birmingham University
Literature Review of housing Housing and Support Association
Literature review of arts/civic participation University of Durham
Literature review of legal services University of Central Lancashire
Literature review of healthy living University College of Ripon and York St. John
Literature review of education and training N1ACE
Evaluation of the Deprived Urban Post Office Fund The Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research, Middlesex University
Evaluation of the NRU's Community Participation Programme University of West of England and Liverpool John Moores University
Evaluation of the NRU's Residents Consultancy Programme Amion
Analysis of Approved Document P Consultation White Maple Consulting
Review of the Operation and Impact of Approved Document B 2000 Amendments Ove Arup
Impact of Business Led Regeneration—phase 2 Trends Business Research
Systematic review series—Local economies CEEDR—Middlesex University
Evaluation of National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal Scoping Study University of Cambridge
Annual Progress Report on Local Strategic Partnerships York Consulting
Best Value Survey Indicators Data Management and Analysis (ATP/Mori)
Decision making and Policy Development in New Council Constitutions: University of Birmingham De Montfort University
Emerging Good Practice
The Role of Staff in Delivering High Quality Public Services PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Long term Evaluation of the Local Government Modernisation Agenda University of Manchester

Research Projects Commissioned by ODPM since 2002
Research Project Contractor
Evaluation of Intervention and Recovery Support Programmes University of Birmingham
Research on Modelling the Cost of Local Government Reorganisation PricewaterhouseCoopers
Scoping Work into Regional Governance Relationships UCL
Single Capital Pot Baseline Research York Consulting
Local Authority Use of the Bellwin Scheme Support Bannock Consulting
Beacon Council Scheme: User Satisfaction with Service Delivery Contract Mori
Extension to cover round 5
Local Government Systems in Commonwealth Countries CLGF