HC Deb 17 December 2003 vol 415 cc968-9W
John Mann

To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what the value was of the full student grant in today's prices in(a) 1973, (b) 1980, (c) 1990 and (d) 2003. [143670]

Alan Johnson

[holding answer 11 December 2003.]: The available information is shown in the table.

Rates of standard maintenance grant payable under a mandatory

award for the academic years shown, uprated to 2003/04 prices2

Academic year
Rate of grant 1975/763 1980/81 1990/914 2003/045,6
Parental home rate 2,840 2,950 2,610 1,670
London rate 4,040 4,450 4,130 2,510
Elsewhere rate7 3,690 3,750 3,290 2,040
Board and lodging8 1,570 1,560 9 9

1The rate of maintenance grant, before income assessment, applicable to students normally domiciled in England and Wales and studying in the UK.

2In 2003/04 prices based on the September Retail Price Index (RPI), excluding mortgage interest payments, at the beginning of the academic year. Data rounded to nearest £10.

3The convention, when showing current values, is to apply the relevant factor of the RPI (excluding mortgage interest payments) to the year in question; however, this factor is not available prior to 1975/76 and so the table shows this as the earliest academic year. The cash values for academic year 1973/74 were £390, £520 and £485 for the parental home, London and elsewhere rates respectively. Those in 1975/76 were £570, £810 and £740 respectively.

4Student loans were introduced in academic year 1990/91 to provide extra resources. The 'elsewhere' rate of loan in that year was £420 (£610 in current values).

5The rate of grant in academic year 2003/04 applicable to mandatory award holders only i.e. mostly those who entered higher education prior to 1998/99. Those who entered from 1998/99 under the new arrangements receive support solely through loans; grants/allowances are available only for students in particular circumstances e.g. students with disabilities, students with dependents and single parent students.

6The values shown relate to maintenance grants only; student loans are also available to mandatory award holders at the (full year) parental home, London and elsewhere rates of £1,500, £2,420, £1,960, giving total support of £3,165, £4,930 and £4,000 respectively.

7The 'elsewhere' rate of grant is applicable to students living away from home and studying outside London.

8Special grant arrangements applied to students provided with free board and lodging by their college.

9 not applicable


Department for Education and Skills, Office of National Statistics

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